July 31, 2021

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 29

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????????The Boss and His Employee????????

Episode 29

Hayley’s POV

I stared at the doctor in shock not believing what he just said. How can this be possible because Larry and I share the same parents. Could it be that we’re not related? I think there’s a secret behind this but who’s going to unfold it when the one’s who we called parents are dead?

I thought I was going to save my brother but right now I don’t know what to do. The doctors said his blood type is very rare and we’re already counting down the hours left.

“You can now go to see him but he’s unconscious and we will try our best to look for a donor,” the doctor said.

“Please doctor we will pay you any amount if you save my brother because he is all I have,” I said in amidst of sobs.

“Okay ma’am ,you need to clean up first before going to his ward ,” he said and that’s when it dawn to me that my clothes are bloodstained .I was too stressed to notice all of that because I was busy praying for Larry’s health. I don’t want to lose him coz if I do then I will also commit suicide because I won’t be able to bear this loneliness.

I ordered clothes online , took a bath and clad in my new off shoulder nude dress and a turquoise jacket before heading back to the doctors office.

We got to Larry’s private ward and I couldn’t control myself when I saw him , I broke down into tears again. He was on life support and this is the first time I’m seeing him in this state .I walked closer to his bed ,sat beside him and took his hand on mine.

I wanted to talk but I failed because the lump on my throat couldn’t let me so I just cried till I got tired . My face was swollen and my eyes were now puffy due to crying . I was not going to leave his side again because now I’m feeling like a bad sister .

I failed him by leaving him alone knowing very well that he is depressed , if I had stayed with him then all this would not have happened.

“Please Larry don’t leave me alone in this world , you know I love you and you’re my family. I will not survive alone here so just hang on there . I promise to be by your side from now onwards,” I said crying then kissed his hand and drifted to sleep.

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