June 13, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 36

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???? Addicted to Him ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 36

(Play with me.)

Kimberly’s POV

He hated me for real?
I was deceived to think he is beginning to like me. I may be nutty for real unlike Ruby

I thought he liked Ruby , why didn’t he kiss Ruby, Even though I will feel jealous if he kissed Ruby but he could have just saved her that special day of her.

What exactly made him that way? Is he just like that , why would someone just prefer loneliness

I feel so sad ,so bad that he had to tell me to my face that he hates me.

I heard a soft knock on the door , I wasn’t expecting anyone ,who could be knocking though?

I walked sullenly to the entrance and twisted the knob only for me to find Miguel at the entrance.

My face dropped , my head was spinning and I was thinking of pinching myself to confirm if I’m dreaming of not.


OMG! he just called my name. Gosh! This guy is so handsome and my name on his voice makes me really blush.

” I’m sorry ” He said and lowered his head like someone feeling guilty

Oh my! He just apologized…That is the last thing I will ever expect from him

I stood dumbfounded not knowing what to say. He finally raised his head looking into my face gently

I gulped in and kept starting into his face.

“Okay..It’s alright” I said firmly

He nodded “Thanks”. He said and turned to leave

huh, going just like that…
“I’m bored” I said and he paused

“Please come to play with me just for few hours , even if it is minutes, I’ll be glad” I said to him

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