July 25, 2021

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Addicted to him. Episode 37

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???? Addicted to him????

❤written by munay ❤

Episode 37


Miguel POV

This girl is something else seriously

“Please play with am home alone and bored ”

“Also I don’t have any siblings or friends to play with ” please don’t say no she pouted

“Yuck You don’t expect me to that do you?  I said with a shrugg

“Please please please don’t say no ” she pleaded like a baby giving me those cute puppy eyes

“Hey!  Stop that will you?
Okay fine what do want us to do to ease the boredom I asked her with hands shove deep into my pocket

“Hmmm let start rock paper and scissor ✂️  she said with pleading eyes

“Oh common!  Rock paper scissors are for losers I rolled my eyes

“Don’t be such a kill joy, trust me its gonna be fun I promise she said dragging my sleeve

“Alright alright you won ” I signed with my both hands up in the air

“There are some rules tho” she added

” and which is??

“You gonna do three things the winner wants” she grinned

“Are you kidding me!  What if I can’t do what you asked” I groaned

“Trust me you gonna do it she said with a smirk

“Okay baby girl game on.

I must admit I having so much fun with this clumsy neighbor of mine

But am never gonna say it, I don’t want to start feeling pompous

Sawyer’s POV

Seriously this is the happiest moments of my life, I wish this day never end

After series of ties

I won!!

“Omg!  Booo!!  I won your sorry ass I  mocked

“Seriously?  He chuckled

” what is my punishment boss lady ” he asked with curiosity

“I want three things from you and I want an honest answer  I said

“Okay shoot he said folded arms

“Do you hate me for real?
“If no then do  You  ever felt like having feelings for me??  I asked quietly

I could see the look of surprise written all over his face

“And why should I answer that question he scoffs

“You just have to and secondly, I erm.. Want… You to.. Kiss me ” I said nonchalantly..

“What ” he said with shock

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