August 1, 2021

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 30

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???????? The Boss and His Employee????????

Episode 30

Charlene’s POV

I have been in this world on my own and it’s so lonely here . Sometimes I wish I could open my eyes , talk or evern move but i can’t . There’s a time where I could hear someone’s voice and the voice is not familiar , the owner of that voice cries almost everyday telling me to wake up for him .

He calls me with petty names and sometimes addresses me as his wife but I don’t remember being married to someone. I think he is the only person that visits me besides the doctors.

It worries me a lot to hear him cry , I wish I could wipe away his tears but I can’t. My body is numb and I can’t even move a finger.

I wonder how long I have been in this state and I don’t know when am I going to see the light and converse with others.

I felt someone’s presence and he’s my anonymous lover.

“Good morning my love,” he said holding my hand and his hands are so cold .

“I wish you could see me and talk to me,” he said and sighed.

I wish I could see your face too but I can’t open my eyes.( I said this in my mind).

“I hope you will love me the way I do when you wake up,”he said rubbing my palm .

” I have never loved someone the way I love you ,” he said sniffing and I felt pity for.

My instincts are telling me something different about this guy. I don’t think im his wife like he claims.

“I will come to see you tomorrow morning because I’m too tired today . Good night my love,” he said and kissed my lips.

Oh no! This kiss sucks and if I was conscious then I would have puke.

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