July 24, 2021

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 31

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????????The Boss and His Employee????????

Episode 31

Delaney’s POV

I used to drown all my sorrows in drinking but now it’s impossible. Whenever I think of drinking my mind drifts to my beautiful Keisha. Yeah I call her mine because I love her , I don’t care about what she is going to say when she wakes up but I will make sure she fall in love with me .

If I let her go then I will be the most stupidest person ever because that girl is a rare jewel . I haven’t know her character yet but she seems to be a good person cuz her face looks so innocent.

I’m even thinking of transferring her to another country in this state because it has been long since I have been waiting for her to wake up. I’m also afraid that someone might recognize her and take her away from so I don’t want that to happen . She can’t be separated from me when she just got into my life and changed me to a better person this way .

The doctors said she will wake anytime soon but days have had passed and she is still unconscious. The thought of her not waking makes me angry because I will now be thinking that the doctors are tricking me somewhere somehow. They’re failing to do a simple job of waking her .

I think it’s high time I pressurize these stupid doctors to do something that will make her awake and failure to do so , I will make their lives miserable.

I stood up from my office chair then took my car and sped to the hospital. I requested for the doctor who was in charge of that lady and he came immediately.

“Good afternoon sir,” he greeted while sitting down.

“What’s good about this afternoon when you’re failing to wake my girlfriend,” I growled at him and he flinched in fear .

” I’m sorry sir but your girlfriend must have waken by now but it seems as if something is holding her back and there is nothing we can do about it,” he replied calmly.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked trying to act calm.

” We will have to wait till she ..” he couldn’t finish when a nurse burged in panting heavily.

“Doctor your attention is needed to that lady in the private room because the machines just went off” she said.

“What!” He exclaimed and rushed out leaving me puzzled.

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