February 27, 2021

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 28

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire.

Episode 28

^ Melissa ^

“Hey you! I believe you overheard my call with the man we made deal with days ago .” He said and I grinned.

“What’s funny. I still own you. Now ,get dressed and move immediately to join that man .” He said while I just ignored him.

I took a small pamphlet on the table and began to read.

“Oh! Good. He has just texted a detailed address of where he and his wife is.” He said while I ignored.

“Get dressed girl?” He said.

I kept doing what I was doing and I perceive him walk towards where I sat.

He sat at the desk before me and I peeked into my face.

“Are you deaf?”

“On this! Oh yes,I’m deaf.” I said.

“I see ” He said and held my head. He shouted into my ear saying! ” I need you to go meet that men we made deal with days ago.”

“I’m not going anywhere!” I said.

“I’m not begging you woman, I’m ordering you!”

“Either way ,I’m not going still. ” I said.

“Oh!” He chuckled. “See this poor thing doing like a woman too. Okay …what did you want for you to go?”

“Nothing!” I said. “I’m not going anywhere .”

“Then I will have to call the securities to lock you up inside that cell until you are able to foot your hotel bill ” He said. “I know you will never be able to foot it till forever ,so just obey me.”

“I don’t care what you do at this moment. You can even jail me. ” I said.

“Then ,I’ll jail you as you’ve said. ” he said and stood.

He was about to walk out when I said! “Are you certain your pride will not make you loose this multimillion dollar deal ?” I asked.

“Pride! Let me tell you this young girl. Wealth comes with pride. Every wealthy people are proud ,all poor people are humble ,of course ,why will they be proud? They have nothing to be proud of.” He said.

“Alright then ,go call the securities ,just know that seven minutes had passed in the thirty minutes that the man said. ” I said

He didn’t say any word again ,he just walked out. He came back about a minute later and said; “Fine ,what did you want to leave?”

“Huh? ” I chuckled. “Seems you bringing your pride down. ” I said.

“Appreciate me for what I had done for you in the past ” I added.


“You heard me.” I said and placed my two legs on the table before me.

“How am I suppose to appreciate you?” I
He asked.

“I told you already. Learn to say ‘thank you ”

He sighed and checked his wrist watch. “Ten minutes had passed already, what did you need a ‘thank you’ for?”

“When you say ‘thank you.” You place value on what people do. Now say ‘thank you” if you want me to leave?”

He bite his lips and tighetened his mouth.

“I loathe you.” He said.

“Same here ” I retorted.

“Thank…Thank….D@mn it! Thank you!” He said.

“Now ,I will go.” I said and stood.

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