August 3, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 38

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Written ✍ by munay berry

episode 38

(The confession)

Miguel POV

What the hell!  Did she just asked for my first kiss

I wanted badly to scream at her for trying to dirvirgin my innocent lips

But somehow I was kinda of calm.

I thought of a perfect plan to deal with this silly girl

“Okay baby how do you want it huh. I grinned wickedly

“Wait did you just call me babe”
Somebody pinch me already she squeak

” close your eyes if you want your kiss I said with a beautiful smile.

She did that almost immediately

Such a clumsy person but I like her that way,

I made sure her eyes were closed properly before bringing the cheese cake.

I took the icing and rub it on her small pink lips

She was even giggling like a 6years old

You to see the way she was moving in anticipation of the kiss

Sawyer’s POV

Wow am so happy right now he kissed me for real but why does his lips taste like cheese

Anyways am not bothered am just gonna enjoy this kiss while it last.

But wait why are lips melting.

I was still lost in ecstasy when I heard someone cleared his throat to gain my attention.

That when he dawned on.

“Sweet mother of Madagascar ” I flinch up on seeing the cheese cake on my lips on my cloths.

He didnt say a word he smirked at me before standing up.

I felt tears threatening to drop

“How could you be so cruel huh?  I held on to his shirt,
I saw the look of shock on his face.

“Why do you hate so much”
What have I ever done to deserve such I’ll treatment from I said amidst sobs

He didn’t  burge instead he was looking intensely at me.

“Can’t you see that have fallen for you meanie I said almost immediately before realizing what I said

‘”What.. What do you mean?  He said curiously.

“I have deeply fallen in love with you” I love you Miguel  I said ,,

I couldnt but cry harder.

I didn’t realized how much i ‘d loved him till now

“You.. Wh.. at? Love.. Me??

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