July 25, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 39

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munay berry

Episode 39

(The actual kiss )

Miguel POV

What ???? she loves me for real,

I don’t know if I should be happy about her confession, some how I wasn’t angry at this little damsel.

“You… Love me?  I asked to be sure.

She only nodded

” you can call me cheap or whatever I don’t care, and am sure you must be feeling proud now that you got a girl you hate to fall for you ”

Swears are nagging are tiring

I need to do something to stop her nagging.

Walking outta her is only gonna make things worst which am not in the mood for.

“Am sure if. . it.. I didn’t let her finish her statement when my lips landed on hers.

She widen her eyes in surprise.

Sawyer’s POV

Ahhhhhhhhhh somebody pinch me am think am dreaming right now.

We kissing for real??  Oh my goodness

My face was flushed ????

He just took my first kiss,

But I don’t want it to stop, this kiss was in  slow motion at first later were both seeking for dominance.

Where did Miguel learn to kiss like that, mean he is such a pro.

He broke to the kiss afterwards with the look of embarrassment  on his face.

I looked away shyly to avoid eye contact with him.

“Am sorry!  I didn’t mean to take advantage of you like that ” he said and walked out immediately.

Gush gush!!  Gush!! What just happened?  Did he just termed one of the best kiss every  a mistake.

That Miguel boy is mentally psychologically incapacitated, too bad I love him like that,

He just stole my first kiss now he is tryna say trash.

Am going to confront him now

~ ~ ~

I walked through my yard to his  back gate Cody was playing games there.

“Hey Cody how are you doing “I waved

“Am good, looking for my bro right? ” he

“Totally!!  Now where is he I need to speak to him right now.

“Okay cool He is in his room you can go and meet him upstairs ” he said with  a smirk

I wondered why he was so happy today.

Was about climbing the stairs when I saw him coming out.

He saw me and our eyes met for a second before he snapped outta it.

“What do you want sawyer ” he asked feigning annoyance.

“We need to talk Miguel I said

“About what exactly, if its about what happened earlier on, I already told you am sorry

Its a mistake and mistakes are not meant to discussed. Now if you don’t mind stop bugging me yelled making me flinch.

I was speechless and hurt too

“He is in love ” I heard someone say


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