June 12, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 118

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He And Her V.

Episode 118

Two month later


In the next seven months , I should have a baby,I believe.

I sat happily on my bed with my teddy bear on my laps.

The door creaked open gently and who I saw stunned me. “It was Grace.”

For the past two months ,we had not being speaking to each other in the house. We just walk pass one another.

“Camilla!”she called my name while standing few feet from me.

“How can I help you?”

“Camilla , this is Grace!”

“And so?”

“The old Grace.” she said and I wondered what she meant by ‘old Grace.’ ” Camilla ,I know I messed up. I behaved recklessly and I regret every bit of it. ” She said.

“Okay. What did you want?”


“Stop calling my name please, just go straight to what you really want?” I asked and she sighed.

“I just want us to be friend again?”

I chuckled and looked into her face.

“This is a joke or another plot of yours. Friends with you evil being? Even killed a….” Wanted to tell her to the face that she killed the doctor but I halt it. I believed it would be reckless saying it.

“I was just evil but I’ve changed. Please , let’s be friends again.” She said.

“Oh! Friend with you? Not when you are still sharing the same husband with me. ”

“I’m only doing this for my daughter ,I want her to have a father ”

“You want her to have a father yet you are always stopping us from doing D.N.A ?” I thought. I still couldn’t say it out cause I thought it would be reckless.

“I’m not interested in being friends with someone that is sharing my rightful husband with me. ” I said.

She exhaled and sniffed like someone crying. I looked into her face and saw a little drop of tears from the corner of her face.

Why would she cry? Has she changed for real?

I don’t really trust this girl ,she might be up to something. Especially now that she knows that I’m pregnant.

“Congratulations on your pregnancy.” She said.

“Thanks.” I replied bluntly.

“I got some drugs that you may like to use. I used it when I was pregnant years ago and it really ease a lot of my pains and gave me easy child delivery. Would you like to use it?”

I hesitated for a while before I spoke up. “Let me have a look?” I said and she removed the drugs from her purse and stretched it to me.

I looked at it and nodded. “Fine ,I will use it. ”

“Oh! Great!” Her face lightened up. “Make sure you use it today ”

“Sure.” I said and she finally walked out.

“I guess this is the thing she really came to give me.

I went to the toilet and removed the pills from their sachet and threw it inside the sink.

I flushed it away.

Whatever thing she’s up to about me will not work.

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