August 4, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 35

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????????IN LOVE ???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????
Adrian, on getting to New York fished out his phone to check for the address Tyler had sent him earlier,
Seeing the address,he walked to the bus stop,
He stopped in front of a cab,
The driver who is a bit older man peeked at him,
“Sir,can you take me to this place?” He showed the address to the cab driver.
“Okay,get in.” Davis got into the cab while the driver started the engine and began to drive away.
“Like you’re a newbie in New York?” The driver asked,looking through the rear view mirror to peek at his passenger.
“Yeah.” He replied casually.
The man couldn’t take his eyes off Adrian,
He’s one type of guy later will swoon over,wanting very chance to lay him.
This man can pass out as a model.
“Mind if I ask what brings you to New York?” The cab driver asked,
Adrian smiled revealing his cute dimpled chin.
“I came to get my family.” He said looking out through the window,
“You’re married?” The man asked,
“Not really but I came to take her back.” He said,
The man envied the determination in his eyes.
“You guys had an argument?” He asked with experience,
“Not really,I was being so irrational pushing her away then.” Adrian confessed with regret,
“And now you want her back?” The man asked,
“I don’t just want her,I need her back with me.” He said,
“How long had it been?” The man asked,
“It’s been almost three months now.” He replied,
“What if she refuses? What if there’s been another man?” The man asked,
Waiting for his reply,the man scratched his elbow.
“There hasn’t been any other man since,I made contact with our son to keep tab on her.”
The man made an ‘O’ sound,
“You guys have a son?” He asked,
“He isn’t really my son,he’s her son from her first marriage but I see him as my son.” Adrain replied,
Tyler might not be his biological son but the boy means the whole world to him,just as Eva does.
“She’s a divorcee?” The man asked nodding,
“And you love her and her son?”
“Very much Sir.”
“She’s a very lucky woman though,very lucky.” The driver said to him,
“And you’re very lucky too my son,go get her and make sure not to let her go again.” He adviced,
Adrian nodded,
Even without being told,he has swore hell never leave Eva again,
He was going to stay with her no matter what happens.
She’s meant for him.
Shortly after,they arrived at the place.
“Here we’re.” The driver said,
Adrian looked at the place,
It was a very nice place with a serene and conducive environment.
There were just a few houses here while the outer side is more of like a reserved area.
Adrian had never for once thought there was ever going to be a place like this in New York.
Coming out of the car,he went to the driver’s window,
“How much do I owe you Sir?”
The man smiled,
“Never mind son,now go get back your woman.”
“Thanks a lot sir.” He thanked the man,
Waving at the man as he drove away,Adrian walked to the door of the house.
He knocked,
No reply.
Knocked again,
Still no reply.
He moved from the door and checked around whether he would see anyone,the place was as quiet as a grave site.
He went back to the door and knocked again,
There was no response.
Putting his ear close to the door,
There was no sound coming from inside.

“Maybe no one’s inside.” He retraced him step to leave when he felt someone pull the knob.
The door opened and an older woman came out,carrying a toddler.

“Good day Sir.” The woman greeted,
Adrian nodded,

“How may I help you Sir?” She asked when she saw he only nodded to her greetings.
“I’m looking for Eva Kennedy, she has a small son,he’s four years.Tyler is his name.” He told the woman who look like she was drooling over him.

“Eva.” He spoke up but she has her eyes on his body,
Probably checking him out,
Fact: Most annoying scene when you’re talking to someone and the person is just busy drooling and checking you out.

“Ma’am, I said I’m looking for Eva.” He snapped at her and she came back to her senses,
“Uhm Eva….Eva’s not around.” She said regaining her composure,
Adrian sighed,
He know he’s striking hot and handsome but ladies shouldn’t exaggerate it and make him look like a god or something.
It really annoys him when ladies or women stare at him like that.
“When will she be back?” He asked the woman,
“Well Miss Eva won’t be home sooner or later cause they went to the hospital.” She informed,
Adrian was shocked,
Why were they in the hospital?
Did anything happen to Tyler or Eva?
His thought were running wild
Recalling his last chat with Tyler yesterday,
The boy told him that Eva and Davis were in a heat of an argument,
Did Davis hurt Eva?
Looking at the woman,he frowned
“What happened?”
“Sir,I’m sorry I’m in no position to tell you that.Sir Davis had just asked the to come clean the house.” She said,
“Which hospital did they go to?” He asked,
Since she wasn’t gonna tell him what happened, she should at least tell him which hospital they’d gone to so he can go see for himself what happened.
“They’re at Branxon Hospital.” She said to him,
He turned to leave and was almost out to the street when he turned back to her and winked,
“Thanks lady and you look beautiful too.” She smiled and closed the door while he trekked to the nearest cab stand.
If Davis does anything to Eva or Tyler,
He’ll be no better than Joseph was when I’m done with him.

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