July 25, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 36

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????????IN LOVE ???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????


It wasn’t hard for Adrian to get to the hospital but it became hard when he’d to go round the large hospital countless times to look for them.

The nurses kept drooling on the handsome stranger but none could give him a befitting answer to where Eva and Tyler were,

Having to go round,he decided to text Tyler,
He’d totally forgot about that,

“Where are you guys?” He texted,

Tyler,who was with Davis in Eva’s private ward, noticed his phone beep,
No one knew he’d a phone except Adrian cause he’d given it to me.
And he wouldn’t want Davis to see him with it or worst,
Get him texting to Adrian,

So he stood up,
“Tyler do you want anything?” Davis asked him,
He nodded and gestured to him he want to use the restroom,

Davis nodded,
“Do you want me to accompany you?” He asked,Tyler shook his head and left the room.

Eva was stable but still unconscious cause of the head injury she’d sustained,
Davis took it upon himself to stay with her,then have Jane take care of Tyler and Zia too.

He’d even asked the doctor to help him get rid of the baby since Eva’s still unconscious but the doctor refused.

Not that he can’t do it but it would be very risky aborting the three months old foetus when she’s still unconscious,

He’d told Davis that doing that might endanger Eva’s life,
So they’ll have to wait till whenever she regains her consciousness.

Davis really want to get rid of the child but didn’t want to endanger Eva,so he’d decided to wait till she’s conscious but warned the doctor that Eva shouldn’t find out that she’s pregnant or else he’s going to ruin the hospital.

The doctor out of fear,did as he was told and warned his staffs of not telling Eva anything about her condition.

“We’re at the hospital,mommy’s sick.” The boy texted back.
“Which part of the hospital?” Adrian texted back,
“Mommy’s at A wing ward,
The second room there.” He replied

Davis sat down and continued to watch Eva,
Having waiting for awhile and didn’t see Tyler,
He became worried about the boy and decided to go look for him.

Immediately he left the room,Adrian opened the door,
He was dressed as a janitor,thinking he was going to meet Davis but luckily,he didn’t see him.

He dropped the mop and bucket then went to where Eva was laying unconsciously.

“Eva,I’m sorry.
Sorry I couldn’t fight for you,
Sorry for the irrational decision I made three months ago.”
He kissed her forehead,
“I’m back Eve,I’m back to take you and Tyler and to love you like never before.
Please wake up Eve,please.” He cried,

For the first time in years,he cried.
When his mom passed away years ago,he didn’t drop a single tears for her.
Because he was scared of being tagged a weakling then but now he doesn’t care.
As long as he concerned,Eva’s his weakness and his strength,
She’s his everything.
“Eve,please wake up and tell me you love me.” He said,
“I’m willing to fight the whole world for you,I’ll do anything for you.” He kissed her again,
This time he noticed something as he lay her head down,
Her eyelashes flustered,
He moved away from her to see if he was just imagining thing but,
No,it flustered again and the lashes parted a little,
She opened her eyes slowly,
“Ad…ri…an..” She called,
“Yes Eve,it’s me Adrian.” He said happily,wiping the tears that formed in his eyes,
“Ad…ri…an…Da…vi..s” she slowly called,
What’d Davis done to her?
If that bastard had hurt her, I swear,I’ll kill him and feed his flesh to the dogs.
“Eva save your strength,I’m here and no one would hurt you.” He assured but she still wasn’t at ease,
“Ad…ri…an..ba…by…” She muttered,trying to raised her hands,
Adrian was confused,
“Baby? What baby?” He asked,
She slowly raised her hands and placed it on her stomach,
“Ad…ri..an..ba…by…” She said uneasy,
Seeing her hand on her stomach,Adrian put two and two together,
“Are you pregnant Eve?” He asked,
She slightly nodded her head,
“How?” He blurted,
No this isn’t happening,she’s pregnant for Davis already.
Like she knew his thoughts, she pulled him again and he turned to her.
There was pain and regret in his eyes,
She managed to point at him and made a ‘u’ sound,
Wait what?
He’s responsible for her pregnancy?
But he’d slept with her once and that was almost three months ago.
He’s confused.

When he looked at her again,her face was ashen,
Drained of color.
He followed her eyes and turned,
Guess who’s at the door?


In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 37
In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 35

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