July 29, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 37

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????????IN LOVE???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????

Seeing Davis holding her son looking angry,
Eva nudged Adrian and gestured him to hide inside the toilet.
Not like she was scared of him but she knows of his plans to get rid of her baby and wouldn’t want him to take any drastic decision seeing Adrian here.

Actually, she Jas been slipping in and out of consciousness since yesterday and in one of her half conscious state,she faintly overheard Davis talking to the doctors about her pregnancy.
He was threatening the doctor about making sure she doesn’t know about her condition till they’ll finally get rid of the baby.

Having heard something like that,she’d to still pretend she was still unconscious till she can be able to do something to save her child and herself.

The door opened and Davis dragged Tyler inside,the little boy was shedding tears while Davis was holding his secret phone,

“Why did you do it?” Davis asked the boy,
He’d caught him with a cellphone when he went to bring him back,
The worst about it all was that the boy was texting Adrian.

“Do you k ow why I don’t want to hurt you?” He asked the boy who couldn’t stop shedding tears,

“I don’t want to hurt you cause you’re my son,my flesh and blood.” He told the boy,
He felt he has to tell him,
The boy should start acknowledging him as his father and not some random stranger.

“But you’re going to promise me you won’t do this again cause if you do,I won’t hesitate to spank you so hard.”
“You and your mommy are mine,no one not even that lowly bastard can take you both away from me.” He cursed Adrian not minding the little boy present.

“So you’ll have to start behaving like my son and address me as your dad if you don’t want me to get angry.” He warned,

He’s not my daddy
He’s not my daddy
Uncle Adrian would save me and my mommy,
The boy looked at his mommy who was laying unconscious with tubes and IVs going in and out of her body.
Mommy don’t worry,Uncle Adrian is coming to get us.
* * * * * *
Diego took interest in the long buried case of the death of Eva’s parents.
Since he’d met the family’s accountant in the back a few weeks ago and the man told him of the parcel Garry Kennedy had deposited for his daughter and would only be given to her when she clocks twenty five,
His interest rose.
Putting the mystery aside then,he wanted to help his friend Davis then but seeing Eva happy in another man’s arm,
He decided to dig in and do some secret investigation on the Kennedy’s.

First and foremost, he made a research on Mr Kennedy’s assistant, Mr Munroe.
Mr Munroe had been Mr Kennedy’s assistant for over ten years and has been with him since the beginning of The Kennedy’s Firm,
So he was hoping to get some clues from him.

Visiting the man in his Maryland home was no big deal for Diego,
He’d just had to drive there after calling the man on phone and informing him of his proposed visit.

“So you said you’re?” Mr Munroe asked his visitor,Diego smiled at him,
“Sir,I’m Diego Larsen,” he brought out his work ID and showed the man,
“Diego,how may I help you?” The man asked,
Soon after,his wife came out with two cup of tea and snacks for them.
“Thank you ma’am.” Davis said taking a sip from the tea.

Taking a few more sips,he kept the teacup and faced the man.
“You were Mr Kennedy’s assistant for long right?” He already knew the answer but he wanted the man sitting in front of him to answer
The man nodded,
“For how long?” He asked,
“Hmm…” The man massaged his temple,
“I think for over ten years before Mr Kennedy’s death.” He replied honestly,
“So you can be called a family friend?” Diego asked,
“Almost but most times our meetings are limited to work.” He replied,Diego nodded,
“What do you know about his relationship with Juan Kingston?” He asked,
“Well,Mr Kennedy and Mr Kingston were best friends from college and they’re have a family alliance between their children too.” He answered,
“Did Mr Kennedy tell you about any special gift he’d kept for his daughter Eva?” Diego asked,
The man got suspicious,
“Why are you asking me all this?” He asked Diego,
He took a sip from his tea cup and whispered to the man,
“I have a bad feeling Mr Kennedy and his wife Lisa was murdered.” He leaned close enough to the man,
“Garry and Lisa didn’t just died,
That plane didn’t just have a malfunction,
It was all a plan to kill them and you’re going to help me find out who did it and why they did it.” Mr Munroe was shocked to the marrow as he heard what Diego had just uttered.


In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 38
In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 36

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