August 4, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 26 and 27

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 26
Harry’s POV
I called my driver to bring one of the cars we go driving.
‘I have borrowed my friends car we use. Let’s wait a moment,’ I said and she nodded.
‘Do you know how to drive?’ I asked when the car was brought.
‘Yeah I know,’ she said.
‘Then you drive,’
‘To where?’
‘To the park,’ I said and she nodded with a smile.
We later got some ice creams after watching the games. She refused to participate saying she was afraid. She took strawberry ice-cream and I drove her to her house. This time she accepted I take her.
‘Thank you, I had a wonderful time,’ she said when we got to her place.
‘Welcome, I also had a great time with you,’ I said and he smiled.
I drove to my house smiling, my day was just great.
Every minute that I spend with her makes me love her more.
Sofia’s POV
I entered the compound and met Lily smiling.
‘Don’t tell me you get a rich dude that even brought you home?’ she said more like a question.
‘That’s Harry,’
‘Wait is that car his?’
‘No, he got it from his friend,’
‘Okay,’ she said and sighed.
‘Is there a problem?’ I asked.
‘No, I was just shocked a poor man could own such an expensive car,’
‘I like him that way, he is kind, caring, loving and funny to be with,’ I said blushing.
‘You love him already?’
‘Who can’t love him? He has everything one can ask in a man,’
‘He doesn’t have money,’
‘He got me this,’ I said showing her the chain on my neck.

By Virginia Asenath
Episode 27
Lily’s POV
I felt jealous when she showed me the chain. It was beautiful and looks expensive.
‘Where did he get the money to buy it?’
‘He said from his savings,’ she said with a smile.
We went inside the house and I went upstairs. We already had dinner so I don’t have a problem. Sofia and Glenn were story telling and I needed time alone.
That chain is supposed to be mine, it should be me taken to the park and not her.
There is something about Harry that I need to find out. If he is from a middle class family like what people know about him, then he can’t afford this things.
I will just get close to Scot and find out about Harry. It won’t hurt to date two friends. Scot will give me money while Harry gives me love but one thing at a time.
Harry’s POV
I went to my room and started going through the photos of her. She was so beautiful smiling. My first step is to show her this house, it’s not so expensive. I took my drawing book and drew her when we were at the park. She had a disgusting look when a man puked after coming out of the drive. I will give her tomorrow. My phone beeped and I stopped drawing for a while.
????Good night.
I read the text and smiled. She also cares about me.
????Good night to.
I typed and sent.

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