August 1, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 28 and 29

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 28
Sofia’s POV
I threw the pone on the bed and pitied myself. How could I text him? He may think am after him or something. I threw myself on the bed and drifted to dreamland.
I woke up early to prepare breakfast before we leave. I’m the eldest and I need to take care of my sisters. After we prepared I picked my bag and phone and headed to the car. I checked my phone when I was already in the car and saw a text.
????Morning, hope you slept well? Don’t let Nadia bully you. Just give me a call if she tries and I will be there in a jiffy.
I re-read it and smiled to myself. He is so caring.
????You are not a student in our school and you won’t be allowed in.
????I will come as a ghost and I get to you.
I laughed, how can someone be a ghost?
‘What’s so funny?’ Lily asked.
‘Nothing, just an article,’ I lied and she looked back to her phone.
????Are you a ghost?
????Will be one to protect you.
I blushed.
????Catch up later, am in the school compound.
????Okay wish you the best in your education.
????Don’t tell me you won’t continue with your studies?
????I will soon.
????OK bye.
I slipped my phone in my bag and walked to class smiling.
I got Scot in class and I felt comfortable at least Nadia won’t bully me but I think it’s time I stand for myself. I need to fight for myself and stop depending on others am not a weakling.

By Virginia Asenath
Episode 29
Scots POV
She walked to her sit next to me and she was smiling.
‘Why didn’t you come yesterday?’ she asked even before greeting.
‘I wasn’t feeling fine,’ I said though I lied.
‘Did you go to the hospital? How are you feeling now? Where are your drugs?’ she asked all of the questions and I don’t know which one to answer first.
‘I’m fine, how was your day, hope no-one bullied you?’ I asked.
‘Nadia tried but Harry saved me,’ she said with a smile.
‘Harry!?’ I asked shocked.
What was he doing here?
‘He was bringing something to Nadia’s dad and caught Nadia bulling me. He threatened Nadia and she left scared.
‘The Harry I know doesn’t give threats but facts because he will do what he said,’ I said and she just stared at me.
I wanted to talk but the chemistry teacher came in. It’s my best subject so I concentrated. If it was English I would sleep in the morning. I just hate it. The lessons ended really first and it was time for lunch. I got out of class and waited for Sofia on the door. I looked around to see what I missed and I saw Nadia and her friend. I have a feeling they are up-to no good. I just need to find out. I went back to class and told Sofia not to get out until am back. I followed a different direction to where they were and hid to here their conversation. They were talking to Martin the worst bully in school. He always bullies innocent people in school and let it not be what am thinking because they will regret seeing my other side.
‘Meet her on her way out and do whatever you want with her then come for the money,’ Nadia said.
‘What’s her name again?’ Martin asked.
‘Sofia,’ Nadia said.
‘What of her sisters you said they go home together?’ Martin asked.
‘If they play hard deal with all of them,’ Nadia said.

I left the place. I already heard what I wanted.
I sent the recording to Harry and he called immediately.

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