June 12, 2021

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 32

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❤????The Boss and His Employee????❤

???? Episode 32????

Charlene’s POV

I’m too tired of being in a paralyzed , it hurts to hear others chatting and making movements while you’re still . I wish I could just wake up and be like them , I really what to explore the world like others.

As I was in this state , I had a dream. I was walking in alone in a deserted place and the place was extraordinarily beautiful.

The land was carperted with green lawn and beautiful lilies . I started walking barefooted on the grass picking different flowers , inhaling their scent and pinning some of them on my long-white lacy dress .

I spotted a large portion which had flowers of the same type . The flowers were white in colour but there was a unique blue flower in the middle. I dropped all the flowers I was holding and rushed towards that flower.

I reached out to the flower and a smile creeped on my face as I went on my knees in front of it . As I was about to take it , there was a hand which picked it up and placed the flower on my head .

“Beautiful,” the person said and I lifted my head up only for me to see the most handsome man ever .

He was tall with a slim figure , round face , small pointed nose and pink lips. His beautiful golden hair fell freely on his face making him sexy .

He waved his hands on my face and my face went pink as I realized that I have been drooling.

“Hi,” I said trying to hide my face.

“I’m fine and you,”

“Im okay thanks,” I said.

“Do you mind walking with me ?” He asked and I nodded my head positively.

“This field seems to be endless,” he said smiling.

“And it’s beautiful,” I complimented showing my snow white teeth.

“But not as beautiful as you are,” he said and I blushed .

“My name is Hillary ,” he said.

“I’m Charlene,” I said.

“I will call you Char ,” he said holding my hands.

“And will call you Larry ,” I said and we both laughed.

We started chasing each other and playing different games . We sat down under the sun trying to catch our breath sitting opposite to each other. Our eyes suddenly met and I couldn’t get my eyes of his .

I was lost in his eyes I felt a pair of soft lips on mine and we kissed but suddenly there was a strong wind which took Larry from me . I tried to reach him but I couldn’t, I started crying and shaking when I heard the rapid beeping sound of machines and everything became blank again.

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