July 29, 2021

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 29

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire.

Episode 29.


I stood and left to see the address he said the men were. I got there when it was just one minute left to clock thirty minutes.

“You kept to time.” The man said on sighting me.

“I always do Sir.” I said.

“Welcome dear ,have your sit. ” His wife said.

“You will be engaging in a live chat with our business advisers ,I hope you are able to convince them. If you can …then we commence the deal right here and then but if you can’t. We are sorry In advance. We listen to advise from our special experts to avoid story that touches in the future. ”

“Alright. ”

“Can we get started?” The husband asked.

“Sure!” I answered and the woman commenced the live chat. She placed the laptop right before me and the image of some men in suit came into view.

“Hi Miss.”

“Welcome Misters. “I greeted and we went into full business discussion.

About thirty five minutes later ,the men certified me and approved the deal.

The man and his wife clapped for me as they closed the laptop.

“You are such a talented woman. You’ve got an excellent speech.”

“Thanks Sir. ” I said.


I was driven back to the hotel and I walked straight to the Ruthless Billionaire’s room.

I walked in sullenly and sadly. As soon as he saw me ,he stood anxiously.

His mouth dropped before I could even say a word.

“How was it?” He asked and I slumped to the wall tiredly.

“Tell me ,how was it?” He asked when he realized that I wasn’t speaking.

I shook my head and exhaled.

“I really wish I was able to convince them but I wasn’t!”

“What the fffffff….” he yelled angrily.

“Didn’t I say it ,you are so useless.” He insulted.

“So you made me lost the deal already right?” He barked. ” Now ,leave this place and never come back again. I’ll foot your d@mn hotel bill as a payment for all what you have done. Just leave.” He said.

I walked to where my only cloth is and parked it.

I arranged it well inside a nylon and walked sullenly to the entrance.

“Did you really want me to leave sir?” I asked and he didn’t say any more word.

He just buried his head on his palm.

“You made loose the deal bbbbch. What else are you useful for?” He asked.

I exhaled. “If I had being able to convince them and seal the deal ,what would you have done for me?”

He looked up to me. “you are a looser already but if you had win ….If you had made me win this multimillion dollar deal , I would do practically anything you want. ” he said.

“In fact ,I would have made your life all you had always wished for it to be but what have you? …a failure. just leave. Leave ” He yelled again.

“I was able to convince them ” I said and brought out the seal of the deal from my back pocket.

I walk to him and place the letter before him.

His mouth dropped as he watched the letter. He no longer has the courage to look into my face.

He unsealed the letter and read through it.

He stood happily and grabbed me like he wants to devour me.

I was scared wondering what I had done….but the guy only grabbed me to hug me tight.

Huh! He’s hugging me? ☺

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