July 25, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 40

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munay berry ????

Episode 40

(I love you too)

Sawyer’s POV

“What?  Inlove with who?  Cody and how do you know about such things I scolded.

“I know alot about love and am sure my brother is inlove with someone,

He is scared to open up to the girl simply because its his first time in his whole life.. Cody said nonchalantly..

How come this little boy knows so much for his age,,

“Mind telling me who this people is?  I asked with curiosity.

“Its… Y.. “Cody what are you doing huh “Miguel loud voice interrupted Cody.

Argh I was one step closer to knowing Miguel’s mysterious girl.

Miguel POV

Gush I really don’t know how or when it happened but I think am in love with sawyer,

I can’t  bear to stay far away from her even when I try to push her away.

I get jealous whenever I see anyone around her,
I always want her to bug with lots of questions.

I enjoy teasing her too but am scared

Haven’t felt this way towards anyone before, she even stole my first kiss

What if she end up breaking my fragile heart huh,,

I just need to go and clear the air between us.

Was on the last stair case when I saw Cody and swayer,

Cody almost spilled the beans thank goodness I arrive on time to stop him,

“Sawyer come with me we need to talk ” I beckoned to the door.

She only nodded with an expressionless face.

I can’t imagine what will be going through her mind tho.

We both walked in an uncomfortable silence to our rose garden,

Once we had settled on the branches of an oak wood, I decided to talk.

“Listen sawyer, I know you mad at me for saying all those awful things to you.

“You feel I hate you wheres I don’t,  swears I never hated you. In my whole life
You we’re the only girl that made me do silly things you changed me from an introvert unknowingly.

“And also you might think I like rubby but I don’t, I only see her as a friend not more. I paused to see reaction but

Instead she kept a straight face.

“Lately have not been my usual self, have been having weird feelings,

“I tryed to hold it and bind it in but the more I do the more  stronger it gets”.

I took her tender hands into mine..

She was obliviously surprised over this shocking revelation.

I looked intensely at her lips I felt the urge to kiss her, but I had to restrain myself.

“Love you sawyer ” I said.

Immediately she fainted

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