July 25, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 41

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munay berry ????

Episode 41

Miguel POV

Seriously?  Can my day get any worst..

How can she just faint after hearing my confession.

So clumsy.

I carried her in bridal style to my room upstairs.

And laid her on my bed

She looked so fagile and beautiful too

just can’t get enough of her

I picked a bowl filled with warm water from the bathroom and a silky towel.

I dropped the towel into the water, took it out and placed it on her forehead.


Moments later she gained consciousness,

She was awake but was not opening her eyes she just murmuring something to her self.

Crazy girl I couldn’t help but smile at her naive idealism.

Sawyer’s POV

I don’t know what happened earlier but I just had the weirdest dream ever.

In my dream Miguel told me he loved me.

I wish it was true I murmured to my self

But wait whose bed am I lying cause my bed isn’t this comfy.

And that cologne!  Smells familiar.

Wait Miguel?  I quickly forced my eyes open and met with those hazel eyes of his.

“Miguel? I manage to call

“How did I get here, where am I” I trow questions at him.

He smirked before answering me

“Calm down sawyer, this is my room,.

“You passed out while we were at the garden of roses.”

“So I brought to my room afterwards ” he chuckled

“Me?  I fainted for real?,  wait that means I wasn’t dreaming at all”I widen my eyes at him.

“No this is real, you joking right Miguel I know you trying to prank me again” I try to make a point.

He didn’t burge instead he just smiled revealing his sexy dimples.

“Sawyer calm down okay ???? you need to rest a little after which we gonna talk about us okay” he said sweetly

I almost melted into his arms

He walked out only to return with a tray of food, a bowl of soup and chicken wings

“Eat up dear I no you having eaten anything ” he said dropping the tray in front of me.

I couldn’t say anything as my stomach growled at the sight of chicken wings

Loving this already.  Hah!  In your face ruby girl I smirked inwardly

He noticed I wasn’t eating properly he decided to do the unexpected.

“Let me feed you” he said taking my spoon from me.

I couldn’t say anything I just nodded, maybe I lost my voice or something.

I was too exited to even eat.

He was feeding me like a baby till I spoke up.

“Miguel You need to eat too, give me the spoon let me feed you ”

He only smiled.

I gave him the first one which he took and looked away shyly.

“Sawyer ” he called looking at me


“I really do love you, you weren’t dreaming” he palmed my face with his hand.

Swears I was red like tomatoes.

“I.. Love.. You Miguel”I shuttered.

He drew me closer and placed his lips on my mine.

I closed my eyes to enjoy this feeling

The kiss was slow and tender at first but later got intense
That we had to stop to catch our breath

He kept looking at me like am gonna run away while I looked at my fingers shyly .

“Look at me sawyer ” he said more like a whisper.

I looked up at his

” I know I can’t be a perfect boyfriend and am not experience like other guys but am promising you right now that am never gonna be the reason you cry. ” he paused for a second

“Will You be my girlfriend babe “

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