August 5, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 119

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He And Her V.

Episode 119.


It was an early Monday morning , I was in my car driving to my place of work as usual. On getting to the office ,I stepped down with my small exquisite hand bag.

I walked to my office and I was surprised to see Don standing at the entrance of my office.

“Don!” I called in surprise.

“We need to discuss boss.” He spoke with less respect and that really made me disturb.

I wonder what is it he wants to communicate with me that made him come to my office at the working hour of the day.

I opened the door and he sat before I even tell him to sit.

I stood still and watched him. “What is it?”

“Just found out that your husband ; Tucker was a childhood friend of mine. ” He said with his face lowered. He looked up to me. ” We use to be best of friends when we were Young. I never knew it was the same Tucker that I had being helping you to hunt. ”

“And what if you were friends? Am I not paying you for your job?”

“Just want to tell you that I can’t work for you any longer. I can’t keep hurting my friend.”

“Fine. And the secretes?”

“I do not plan telling him anything ,I just want to make myself known to him so we can continue our friendship.”

“Oh! ” I walked to Don and brought my face in directed opposite to his.

“If you leak the secrete between you and I to him. You are dead. ” I said. “Leave now.”

He stood and walked away.

I sat at my desk with an heavy heart. He’s one of the arms I use to accomplish many missions of mine and he might be tempted to spill out the truth to Tucker.

He’s smart though but I will know what to do about him.


Tucker’s POV.

Fear gripped me when I was about entering the house only for me to see a shadow of a strange man.

The stranger came into view and his face kind of look very familiar. I can’t really place where I met him but it seems we had met in the past.

“Tucker ,it’s Sam.” He said and I tried to remember Sam.

“Can’t really remember whom Sam is.” I said.

“Sam Don …together at Texas ,we were best of friends and we attend Easton high…” Before he could complete his narration ,I remembered.

“Sam!” I screamed the name of my best friend then and hugged him.

“Where in the world have you being?” I asked.

“Here in America , I saw you on the internet and traced you here. ” he said.

“Wao! I’m glad you are back. ” I said and gestured that we walk inside together.

“Sam!” I called his name happily again as we went to sit.

I went to the fridge and got him some drinks. “Have fun.”

He began to drink and the door fling open all of a sudden.

We both turned and the person that just entered happened to be Grace.

Grace’s face turned sour on seeing my visitor and I. She walked inside without saying a word.

Before I could apologize on her behalf to my best friend ; Don. He spoke and said; ” Is that your wife?”

I exhaled. “It’s a long story but I’m sorry for her behaviour.”

“It’s nothing. Ladies can be funny a times. ” He said.

“We need to talk.” Don said.

“Oh ! What’s that?”

“You have really helped me in the past. I would never forget how your dad foot my bill and provide for virtually all I need in school even when my step dad was actually making life hell of a living with me. And you most especially ,how you show me so much love. Even though ,I couldn’t go to the university cause step father sold me to a rich mogul ,I’m happy I was able to finish high school.” Don said.

“I’m so sorry about that. I was so sad when I suddenly can’t find you in our place. I came to your step dad’s house many times to look for you but he says you have travelled. I really hope you would come back soon but you never did . I’m glad I see you again. ”

“I’m about to pay you back , I know Grace more than you do.” He said and the words came as the greatest shock to me.

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