July 28, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 38

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????????IN LOVER ???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????


Getting a good plan to save his woman and his unborn child wasn’t an easy one,
Adrian had to treat carefully because Davis got more of the vecto-power and the hospital staffs were all bent on pleasing him.

Never knew that man is as ruthless as this.
He couldn’t get anyone’s support except Eva who was still immobile in bed.

“Came up with any ideas yet?” Eva asked Adrian,he shook his head,

His first thought was to sneak Tyler and Eva out of the Hospital but he discarded the thought,
The Hospital has a very tight security, it wouldn’t be easy to get them out without being caught.

“No,I just can’t figure anything.” He said in frustration,
Eva pitied him,
Actually, Adrian was doing every possible thing he could to save them while she couldn’t do a thing cause she’s tied to a sick bed under the pretence of still being unconscious.

“Why don’t we just sneak out!” Eva said,he shook his head,

“That ain’t possible babe,the chances of not being caught is very slim.”

“But why don’t we give it a try,you don’t know,it might just work.” She was a bit more optimistic,

“What if it doesn’t work?” He asked,
“I don’t want to endanger you or Tyler or our little one.” He said placing his hand on her belly.
She pulled him closer,

“You aren’t putting us in danger Adrian, you’re saving us from being in danger.” She pulled him closer,
What she wanted earnestly is to have his lips on hers.
“Adrian in anything,just know that I’ll support you and I’ll only want to be with you and no one else but you.” He smiled,

Having her support him is the best feeling he has ever had.
Seeing her lie on that bed,
The only thing coming into his mind is to have her in his arms and not lying on the bed.
Then as for Davis,he’s gonna take care of him when he’s sure Eva and Tyler are safe.

“We can get Tyler as a form of distraction to the other while we wheel me out of here,then come back to get him.” She suggested,

“But there’s one problem,where are you going to take us too when we leave here?” She asked,

There was no place he could take them to,
They can’t be at Eva’s cause Davis would find them there,
Her father properties have been confiscated by the government so it isn’t an option for them.
He has no friends and she has none too,living with Joseph had strapped her out of every form of friendship and social cycle,
So she’s more a loner in New York.

“What about Diego?” She asked,
“Diego you mean,Davis’s friend?” She nodded finding it somehow not a good idea,
What if Diego sell them out to Davis?

“Not a good idea,he’s Davis friend and he might sell us out to his friend.” He said,

“Don’t you know any of your fathers friend or people he got acquainted to?” Adrian asked,

She lay back on the bed and thought hard,
When her father was alive,so many people came always to visit him,
There has been no day in their house they didn’t have a visitor or two,
Their house has ever been a busy nest,
But now,none of those people seem familiar to her,
She’d lost familiarity to them since she became Joseph’s punching bag.

Looking at Adrian, she shook her head,
“I can’t even recall their faces talk more of their names.” She was disappointed at the turn of things,

This is their only way to escape from Davis and save her baby but all hope seems lost,

“Why don’t we drive back to Flint Hills?” Adrian suggested,
Yes,it was a stupid idea but he’d to say to make her stop being sad,

She shook her head and said,
“Davis would find us there……but what if we just go stay with your family..” It hit her,
Adrian has a whole pack of vampire as his family,
No matter how inhumane they can be,they can’t hurt her if they find out she’s with Adrian’s child.
Vampires don’t hurt their offsprings.

“Do you think that’s a good idea?” Adrian asked,
He hadn’t told anyone he was leaving home and he knows they would all be worried about him…..
His uncle for one would be angry…….

He doesn’t want to run away,he wanted to face Davis and teach him a lesson or two but before that,he has to make sure Eva and Tyler are safe and Davis won’t be able to get them,
Then he’ll come back and settle scores with Davis.
* * * * * *
Diego did a very run up research on the plane crash,
It was stated clearly that it was a plane malfunction but for some reasons he believed that there’s more to that.

He filed a petition to the court to reopen the case,since he got his connections in the high court,

It took him some hard work and and extra cash,
Mr Munroe on the other hand got him some help with the bank manager,
They’ll need the parcel Mr Kennedy had kept for Eva to know what’d really happened.

“Sorry Mr Munroe but based on the bank order,we can’t hand over the parcel to you.
It can only be given to Miss Eva Kennedy and only when she clocks twenty five.” The manager said,

“You need to understand that whatever is in that parcel is the key to clear Mr Kennedy’s name and also lead us to his murderer.” Mr Munroe said,

The manager frowned,

“Murderer? What do you mean by that?
Mr Kennedy and his wife died in a plane crash….”

“There’s a high chance that that wasn’t an ordinary plane crash caused by some malfunctions,
How can a plane suddenly have malfunctions after being checked and tested thoroughly by renown engineers and was cleated fit?
How possibly is it that a Law Firm I have worked with for over ten years was accused of illegal dealings soon after it’s owner died and it was confiscated by the Government?”

Mr Munroe looked straight into the manager eyes,
He might be older with grey hair and all that but one thing for sure,
His brain was still as agile as it was then.

“There’s more to that and someone had been pulling the strings, trying to hide something very bad,
Something Mr Kennedy had knowledge of.” He said,

“Ehm Sir, what you said might or might not be true but one things for sure,
We’ll need Miss Eva’s permission to release that parcel,
Do if you can get her to come claim it herself,
We’ve no problem with that.” He said,

Mr Munroe frowned,
Now where the hell is he going to find Eva now?

To be continued.

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