July 31, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 39

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????????IN LOVE???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????


Mr Munroe related to Diego what the manager had told him,
They’ll need Eva to get the parcel.
Whether murder or no murder,
Eva’s permission is what’s really needed to get the parcel.

Diego on his own doesn’t even know where Eva is,
He’d left Flint Hills the day Joseph was caught and hasn’t heard from Davis since.

He doesn’t even know whether she’s still at Flint Hills or back to New York.

Since she isn’t with Davis anymore,
She shouldn’t be in New York,
She should be with Adrian in Flint Hills.

On a second though,he decided to call Davis to be sure,
He wasn’t going to tell Davis of his intentions,
He was just going to call him like friends would do and maybe get the information he needs.

He called Davis a few days later,
The later told him that Eva was with him in New York,
“I thought she chose Adrian over you?” Diego asked him,

“Well,the cows came down and the idiot rejected her.” He replied,

Rejected her?
Why would Adrian do such a thing?

“Like he sent her away?” Diego asked to be certain,

A few days after you left,Adrian brought Eva and Tyler to the motel and asked me to take them back to New York.” He said,

“Why?” Diego was surprised,
His last conversation with Eva,she was very certain on staying with Adrian,
Why the sudden change of mind?

“So where’s she now?” He asked,
“She’s with me but for now,she’s in the hospital.” Davis said,

“Hospital?” He asked,
It just been three months she came back and now she’s in the hospital,
What’s happening?

“Yeah,Eva sustained a head injury last week and she has been here since.” He said,

He hung up,
Eva’s in the Hospital.

Now he just have to go there and meet her and tell her all his assumptions,
She might be willing to help them get what they want.

It was late and Adrian was just leaving the hospital when he spotted Diego come out from his car,
What’s Diego doing here?

Their escape plan was to be executed tonight,cause Davis isn’t around,
He was called home cause his daughter Zia was sick and his wife Lauren had gone out,
So he’d left Tyler and Eva in the hospital with some security guards to watch them throughout the night.

But seeing Diego here,Adrian heart churned,
They can’t go on with their plan with Diego around,
Seeing the man walked suspiciously towards Eva’s private room,
Adrian decided to stop him.

“Miss,please where’s Miss Eva Kennedy’s room?” Diego asked the nurse,
The lady checked through their files,
“There’s no Eva Kennedy here.” She said looking at the man,
Diego frowned,
“Please check for Eva Kingston.” He told her again,

“Or you might as well have a walk with me.” A male voice said from behind him,
Diego turned and saw Adrian,

“Adrian.” He said walking towards the man,
“Yes,it’s me Adrian.”

“What are you doing here?” Diego asked,
If he could recall correctly,
Davis told him Diego had rejected Eva and Tyler and brought them to him.

“Let’s go somewhere else.” Adrian said,
He wouldn’t want to be seen bowling on Diego here.

Diego nodded and followed him,
“So Davis sent you here?” He asked the man,
Diego shook his head,
“I came on my own accord.”

Since they were outside,Diego brought out a pack of Kent and a lighter,
“Do you care for some?” He stretched the pack to Adrian,
“No,I don’t smoke.” He refused,
Diego took back the pack,drew out one and kept the rest in his pocket.

“So why are you here?” Adrian asked more seriously,
“Well,I came to see Eva and to know how she’s faring.” He said,
He didn’t know whether he can trust his assumptions with Adrian,
“Is that all?” Adrian asked,
He still don’t trust the man.

“Well,that should be all,” Adrian looked at him,
I should just tell him,
He might help me get what I want.
“You see,a few days before we,I mean I and Davis came to Flint Hills with Davis,I met with the Kennedy’s accountant.” He said,

So what does that have to do with me and Eva?

“You see,the man told me of a parcel Mr Kennedy had deposited for his daughter Eva when she clocks twenty five.
And as you may know,Eva’s parents had died in a plane crash almost four years ago.”

Adrian nodded,
Eva had told him of her parent’s death.

“You see,listening to what the man had to say,I got a very weird assumption.”

“And what should that be?” Adrian asked,

“Eva’s parent’s were murdered.
Like the plane crash and mechanical fault from the plane,
All was just a facade.” He said,
Adrian was shocked,

Seeing the look on his face,
Diego half smiled,
“Like I said,
Those are just assumptions and might be wrong but I want to prove to myself that all this my head’s telling me is wrong and the couple died a natural death but no,
Each day I wake up,the feeling doesn’t go away,so I decided to investigate it myself to be sure before pulling any strings.”

“So what do you need Eva to do?” Adrian asked,
“I just need her to come with me to the bank and grant her permission for the parcel to be released.” He said,
Adrian looked at the man in front of him,
All he could see was sincerity and a genuine heart.

“So if I get Eva to come with you and you get the parcel,what are you gonna do for us?” Adrian asked,

He might be going too far with this but he just wanted to use this opportunity and get Diego to help them.

“What so you mean by that?” Diego asked,
He never expected Adrian to ask for something in return,

“I mean that,what do I get if I help you get what you want?” He asked again,

“Cause Eva’s in great danger and I would need you to help her escape the impeding danger that’s coming her way.” Adrian added,

“What do you mean by she’s in danger?” Diego asked,
What danger she could she possibly be in?

“Well,your friend Davis is bent on making her get an abortion done on her three months pregnancy.”
Diego frowned,
What’s Adrian saying?
Davis can never be as heartless as this.

“Eva’s twelve weeks pregnant and the baby’s mine but your friend Davis has asked the doctors to commence the abortion process once she’s conscious.”

“Wait,she’s still unconscious?” Diego asked,

“No,but she still fakes it cause we needed time to get her out of the hospital before he finds out she’s faking unconsciousness.” Adrian said,

“I plan to get her and Tyler out tonight since Davis isn’t here not till when I saw you come in,”

“Are you going to help us?” Adrian asked,
Diego nodded,
Not that he was betraying his friend it he can’t stand see Eva’s life get fucked up because of Davis obsession.
His friend’s obsession with the lady who doesn’t want him.

“Yes,I’ll help you get out from here while we’ll have to work together to get justice for Eva and her parents.” Diego said,

“Deal?” Diego brought out his hands for a handshake,
“Deal.” Adrian took it.

Having the same motion, they both went into the room but now they used the emergency door to avoid being seen by the guards Davis had placed by the door to watch over Eva and Tyler.

It was far easier with Diego around,
Tyler just had to go out with a a fake chest pain and belabored breathing.

“Remember what you’re to do.” Adrian tapped the boys shoulder,
The kid nodded.
And they sent him out.

Tyler went outside and pretended to be having a serious chest pain and his breathe were belaboured,

The security guards seeing the boy in pain ran to him,
“What’s happening to you kid?” One asked,
Tyler didn’t say a word,

“Dummy,don’t you remember that the kid can’t speak.” The other carried the boy and they ran to the nurse on deck.

Seeing the men leave,Adrian and Diego carried Eva from the bed and put her on a wheel chair and they came out of the room in disguise.

“Nurse!!” The men shouted carrying Tyler who was still holding his chest,

“What’s wrong with him?” The nurse asked the men,seeing them carrying the boy who’s looking pale.
“We don’t know,the boy just came out holding his chest,looks like he was in pain.” She took the boy from them and they followed her as she lay the kid on the stretcher and pushed him to the Children’s Ward.

Immediately they left,Adrian and Diego pushed Eva out and kept her in Diego’s car.

“Who’s gonna go get Tyler?” Eva asked,
Adrian got out of the car and went to the hospital entrance,
After a short while,Tyler came running out,
Seeing Adrian waiting for him,he ran to the man who carried him immediately,
“Good boy.” They highfived and got back to Diego’s car and Diego drove them away from the hospital.

To be continued….

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