July 25, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 30 And 31

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 30
Harry’s POV
I was relaxed in my house when Scot send me the audio and I recognized Nadia’s voice. This girl is pushing me to the wall. I’m going to make her regret messing with the wrong person. I called Scot to get clarification before I act.
????Hi Scot, is this for real?
????Yeah. We need to save her.
????I know I will wait at the gate. Don’t follow her but watch her then we will deal with that idiot.
????Okay will call you when the lessons end.
????See you later.
I said and hanged up.
I prepared everything I need, after I deal with the idiot sent then I deal with Nadia, will finish with her dad.
Nadia’s POV
Today is my best day because Sofia will be put to her place. Isn’t it wonderful that no one will know it’s me.
I went for lunch and I really enjoyed. Thank God the last teacher didn’t come to class. Ten minutes to the end of the lesson I left class and went to the back gate. I dismissed my driver and took the car. I need to watch everything and enjoy.
Scot’s POV
I saw Nadia leave class and I had to talk to Sofia before I leave.
‘I need to sort out something before I go home but please don’t walk in crowds you can be easily attacked. Wait till people have gone before you leave,’ I said.
‘I’m waiting for our driver, he will be late today,’ she said and I sighed with relief.
‘Let me help tucking your hair,’ I said and placed the projector on her. This was Harry’s idea.
I left for Lily’s class and placed the same. I couldn’t do the same to Glenn since we aren’t close so I told Sofia to watch over her and left to go after Nadia.

By Virginia Asenath
Episode 31
Scot’s POV
I saw Nadia take the back direction so I followed the same route and saw Harry at a distance. I walked closer to the get making sure ain’t noted and saw Nadia talking to another person. It wasn’t Martin so I hid. I couldn’t listen to there conversation but Nadia got into her car and locked the windows. She drove slowly towards the front and I followed behind with Harry following from the other side. All the students had left and Sofia, Lily and Glenn were standing at the gate, I guess waiting for their driver. Martin came from wherever and got hold of Sofia. Lily tried to fight but he slapped her and she fell. He took Sofia and started dragging her. I thought the soldiers would help but they stood and watch. Harry came from his place with a gun pointed at Martin and he immediately let go of her scared.
Harry’s POV
I was shocked when it happened to be Martin doing the job. I know him from my bad boy past. I was once a gang and he knows I don’t joke. I pointed the gun at him and let go of her. I pulled her behind me while Scot took the two other sisters to his car. I just want Sofia to punish him to.
‘Where the hell do you think you are taking her to?’ I asked Martin who was trembling.
I gave Sofia the gun and walked closer to him. I want to make him confess that he was sent then go with it to court and watch Nadia’s reputation that she has been trying to build with people’s tears fall apart. I pulled up my sleeves and hit him.

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