August 3, 2021

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 35

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????The Boss and His Employee????

Episode 35

Delaney’s POV

I’m so happy right now that my future wife is awake but the only problem is that she isn’t talking. The doctors said she doesn’t have any problem with her voice box but she never answers to anyone.

It pisses me off sometimes because I wonder why she is doing that to me but I always control myself. I don’t want her to see the bad side of me yet because I love her so much and I don’t want to lose her .

I got to the hospital, got into her ward and greeted her but she kept quiet as usual. I’ve tried so many times to converse with her but she will keep staring at me without responding. I’ve kissed her lips she always kept her straight face.

I talked to the doctor and he said she is now okay and is going to be discharged a day after tomorrow. I will book our flight tickets today so that we will go out of this country the day she will be discharged. I only pray that she will be used to me and love me the way I do.

I kissed her goodbye and made my way out of her ward . When I closed the door, I was surprised to see my dad with his bodyguards.

“What are you doing here?” We asked at the same time.

“This is my hospital remember,” he said.

“Yeah I know but you hardly visits here,” I said.

” I’m here to see someone , what about you”
,” he said.

” My girlfriend is in this hospital,” I said.

“Wow you never showed me any of your girlfriends.”

“And I will never show you as long as you are still married to that homewrecker,” I said trying to control my anger.

“We broke up about a month ago ,” he said with pain written all over his face .

“That’s good news so what happened?” I asked curiously.

“We’ll talk about it later so do you mind showing me your girlfriend?”

“Let’s go,” I said turning back to her ward.

We got inside and she turned to look at us but didn’t say anything.

“Babe meet my father, Mr McKenna and dad meet my future wife Keisha.”

“It’s nice to meet you Keisha,” dad said smiling but she kept mute.

“She isn’t talking, her voice box was affected when she had an accident,” I said to dad .

“Oops sorry about that but you will be okay daughter,” he said rubbing her palm.

“She’s so beautiful,” he complimented while looking at me and I flashed a smile.

“Thanks Dad ,” I said happily.

“I’ll be checking on you dear but I have to go now,” he said to Keisha and kissed her forehead.

“Get well soon ,” he said getting up and we walked out the ward .

“I want you to meet someone,” he said as soon as we got out.

“Who is that ?” I asked.

“Your brother.”

“What!” I exclaimed as I stopped on my tracks.

“You have a brother Delaney and I want you guys to know each other . I will explain everything when you see him ,” he said and dragged my hand into another ward .

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