July 25, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 42

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munay berry

Episode 42

Miguel POV

“Will You be my girlfriend” I asked before I was able to stop myself

Swears am so nervous right now

What if she says no to me

What if!  What if!

Argh snap outta it Miguel don’t panick, don’t panick I assured myself

But deep down I was damn nervous

” ✔️ yes!  Yes!  I will be your girlfriend she shouted like the crazy person she is.

I breathe out in relief  I thought she was gonna turn me down.

Thank goodness she didn’t if not I would have died of an heart attack.

I hugged her happily inhaling her strawberry smell.

“Don’t know happy and relieved you made me kitten “I whisper in to her ear, she shivered once my breath hit her neck.

“I love you sawyer please don’t hurt me baby” I cooed.

“Never Miguel I love you with my body and soul you gave me reasons to be happy” she muttered like someone at the verge of tears.

“Shh don’t cry baby “I used the back of my thumb to wipe a drop of tear away.

She only nodded like a baby while I kissed her forehead.

Ruby POV.

Argh I threw my phone at the wall,

“Miguel ” I screamed while scattering my room.

I fell in love with Miguel but he only sees me as a friend,

Have tryed to make him notice me but no it isn’t work.

He even disgraced me in front of my friends at my birthday party.

After telling them and boasting that Miguel would kiss me.

“Miguel why can’t you see my love for you huh?  What is it that I don’t have or am I not beautiful enough for you” I screamed at no one in particular.

“Hey ruby!  Ruby!  Calm down sis stop hurting yourself like this ” Joe said trying to hold me.

Yeah Joe is actually my twin brother, no one knows about it because we ain’t identical.

“Ruby please just calm your ass down let’s think of something” he said arranging all my stuffs in order.

“I don’t know what to do any more Joe, he doesn’t like me he even said it to my face that he likes sawyer” I cried.

“Speaking of sawyer that girl is madly in love with Miguel that she barely see what I feel for her, I suspect fowl play. There might be something going on with those two” Joe said

“Miguel is mine and mine alone

I dont mind eliminating any body that stand in my way,

“Then we have to separate those two fast  before its too  late” Joe added

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