July 30, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 43

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munay berry

(Kiss challenge )

Episode 43

Sawyer’s POV

Speaking about happy moments.

Today is I would never forget, Miguel loves me, we a couple now.

Who would believe this, I feel on top of  cloud nine.

We were relaxing in his rose garden

“Sweetie let’s do something fun” Miguel said cuddling me up his arms.

“What should we do huh” I asked

“Anything let’s play a game or something ” he said.

“A game it is ”

“Rock paper scissors??  I asked

“What! No way that game is for losers ” he rolled his eyes at me.

“Haha you scared that I would beat you again cry baby ” I mocked.

He only groaned

“Alright then if you want rock paper scissors to be the we gonna play we would have to play a couples game first” he said with a beautiful smile

“And which is?

“We would do a no hands kissing challenge, whosoever that was touch the other lost” he said with a lumpside grin

” wait!  What  no that’s unfair ” I cooed.

“Don’t blame me tho am trying to be the perfect boyfriend ” he winked at me
Making me red as a tomato

“Game on” I said

we started kissing in a romance manner,

Might folded his arm together at his back

While mine was folded up at my chest.

Kept kissing and I was tempted to grab hold of his collar so badly.

He is just so irresistible, I can’t seem to get enough of him.

I got so carried away by the kiss that later put my arms around his neck forgetting it was a game.

“Haha in your face baby!  I won ” he said doing his victory’s dance

I couldn’t help to laugh at his childish behavior, haven’t seen him this cheerful before not even with ruby.

“Whatever its just a silly game” I said trying to sound as if I ain’t bothered

Whereas am dying of jealousy deep inside.

“What stupid do you want us to play” I smirked at him

“Its simple tho we gonna be asking things about us, if any one should fail a question he/she will have to eat a four days pizza without making a face

Then very cold water Is also gonna be splash on him” he added

“Sweet mother of Madagascar!!  Is this a game or some torture “I widen my eyes at him.

He only chuckled.

“Calm down kitten, its gonna be fun don’t tell me you scared of a little game” he mocked obviously trying to get me.

“Okay then bring it on” I said with my meanest ???? face

Miguel POV

“Okay then bring it on” she said trying portray a mean face.

I actually brought the idea of the game but am gonna fail pretty bad

Am a total dunzo on this one, just trying to be the perfect boyfriend.

“Okay what’s my favorite color ” I asked.

“White and pink” she said boldly

Wtf??  How  did she know that

“My turn, what’s my own favorite color “,  she asked.

I scratch the back of my neck because I have no idea what her favorite color is

“Purple right?

” wrong baby my favorite color is also your favorite now start eating your pizza” she grinned at me

I thinned my jaw in disgust.

“Ewww disgusting ” I groaned

The pizza taste like a mad man’s under arm.

“The next round starts now, what’s my favorite food” she asked.

I pray I get it right

” ???? hmmmm spaghetti sauce and meat ball” I said

“Smiles you are…….. Correct” she said exitedly.

Pteww I signed in relief, that was a close one.

“My turn, what’s my favorite food ” I asked am very sure she can’t get this one right.

“Tuna fish and brown rice? ” she answered

“Argh wronv in your face princess,  my favorite dish is meat roll, macaroni salad with brown rice “I said with a smirk

“So close”she rolled her eyes

I picked a big bowl of water and splash it on hair.

She screamed like a six years old.

“So that’s how you wanna play huh?  She picked up another bowl and splash its water on my head


We kept playing with water

When someone called my name making me stop.


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