August 2, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 120

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He And Her V.

Episode 120


I was stunned at Sam’s word. He knew Grace more than I do?

“Tell me everything, Don?” I asked.

“Sure ,but not here. The walls has ears. I will text you where we would meet!” He said and stood.

“Alright Sam but be smart and be careful. I once loose a doctor who tried helping me on a issue.” I said and to my surprise ,he just smiled.

“I knew about it. Ensure you keep to date. ” He walked out.


Grace’s POV

I heard everything Don had said to Tucker. So he wants to betray me despite the fact that I paid him.

Oh! I will show him what I’m made of then.

I began to keep track Tucker’s movement from day to day and at the seventh day, Joy came running to me in the room.

“Mom,mom!” She called and I heeded to her.

“Tell me what!”

“I overheard Camilla and dad conversing ,seems He will be going for an appointment with Sam tomorrow.” she said.

I had explained everything to my daughter and used her as my eye. I told her to lurk around Tucker often and keep me updated on any news about him.

Glad she’s delivering perfectly.

“Good! ” I said and waited till night.

I walked into Tucker’s room at night in a bit to seduce him ,the plan was to place a small mic that looks like a tiny magnet in his mouth.

Once I seduce him into kissing him ,I spit the magnet into his teeth in the process and it will stick to his teeth immediately.

That is the way the mic was made but he seems to be sound asleep.

I turned on the light and he still isn’t awake, fortunately for me ,I saw a cloth that he has packed to wear to the appointment he had with Sam in the morning.

I placed the mic at the button of his cloth instead and walked away.

Tucker’s POV

I was so anxious to hear it all from Sam. I really want to know if that girl is my child. Sam might know.

I also want to know if Grace was the one behind the death of the doctor. I really just want to know many things.

I halted my car at the stadium that he had wanted us to meet.

It was empty at the time and I walked straight inside. I saw him seated in one those numerous empty seats.

I walked up to him and shook hands with him.

“Sam Don!” I hailed and he smiled.

“You the boss ,man.” He retorted.

“I’m listening now?” I asked enthusiastically.

He brought out a small device that looks like a POS and surveyed my body with it.

The device blinked as it reached the top of my shirt.

He placed the device down and unhooked the button of my shirt.

About a minute later ,he removed a very tiny magnet from it.

He smiled as he held it.

“What is that?” I asked

“A microphone to hear all our conversations.” He said and placed it on the floor. He crushed it gently with the sole of his foot.

“Now we can talk.” He said.

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