August 3, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 40

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????????IN LOVE???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????????



Davis had just finished with his daughter at home,
Little Zia had a minor fever caused by teething,
Since Jane was familiar with babies,she helped Davis look after the child.

“Sir,lest I forget,I man came here a few days ago and he was looking for Miss Eva.” Jane informed,

She’d been hoping to tell him but it had completely escaped her memory,
Now she remembers it,she told him.

“Which man?” Davis asked frowning,
Who will be looking for Eva at her home?
“Didn’t get his name though but he’s kind of those handsome darkies we do see on movies.” She said blushing at the fact that the man had winked to her that day and also told her she’s beautiful.

Davis wasn’t concern on how handsome or hot this man is,he just wanted to know who it is.
Is it Diego?

Diego is goddamn handsome and hot but why will he come look for Eva,
And he doesn’t even know where she lives too.

Or is it…
He’d caught Tyler texting to him a few day ago too,
Does it mean Adrian came to look for Eva?
Why would he?
He’d rejected her and Tyler and had personally brought them to him and had asked him to take them to New York over three months ago,
Why come back now to get them?

“Did you tell him where Eva was?” Davis asked her,
She nodded,
“Yeah,I told him she was at the hospital.” She said,
With Davis face ashen,she knew something was wrong.

“What’s the problem Sir?” She asked the man whose face went pale,
“What has gone wrong?” She asked louder,
Davis snapped from his nightmare,

Cause Adrian taking Eva and Tyler from him is his worst nightmare ever.
“Stay home with Zia
I need to go to the hospital to check on Eva and Tyler now.” Davis bolted out immediately while Jane stood and watched with great confusion.

Was that man a serial killer?
I’ve never seen Sir so scared of anything like now.
I just hope I haven’t done anything that will endanger Eva and Tyler’s life.

When Davis came to the hospital, he met the nurses and doctors all in turmoil,
What happened?
Did something bad happened?

He walked briskly to the entrance door where all the staffs of the hospital stood,
Seeing the doctor standing there too,
He pulled the man aside from the crowd,
Immediately the man saw Davis cold face,he got scared,

“What’s happening here?”He asked the man,
The doctor couldn’t tell him what happened,
What he saw this morning when he came to the hospital.

Davis noticed the man was afraid to say what happened,
It gave him a very strange feeling,
Has something bad happen to Eva?

” Doctor what happened here?”he asked again,
The time,his voice was more ruly than the first,
“It’s what,does this has to do with Eva and the boy?” He asked with anger and due frustration,

The doctor nodded,
Immediately it dawned to him,
He took the man’s collar aggressively,
Everyone turned to the both of them,
“What happened to them?” He shouted,

The other staffs rushed to them,including some patients,
The other tried to pry Davis’s hands from the man’s collar,
“Mr Kingston,they escaped from here.” The man said almost choking,
“How did it happen?” He asked feeling more frustrated,
“She’s sick and the boy’s mute,
How did it happen?” He asked,

The people around managed to get Davis’s hands of the man’s collar,
The doctor moved backwards to avoid being grabbed again by this furious man,

“I’m gonna make sure you pay for this,
I’ll sue you all to court!”
“You guys are all sick,can’t keep an eye on an unconscious lady and a little boy.
Davis cursed as he pushed away the people holding him back.
Angrily,he stormed to his car and drove away from the hospital premises.

Diego took Eva, and Tyler to his house at first but later that day when Davis called him and informed him of Eva and Tyler missing,
He decided to take them to somewhere safe and where Davis couldn’t find them.

“Where will you take us to?” Eva asked Diego when he told them about Davis prospect visit later on the day,
“For now,it’ll be better I take you to my mom’s in Long Island,
It’ll be safer for you guys to stay there,
I’ve informed my mom and she’s more than welcome to have you guys at her house.”

“I won’t be going with you guys.” Adrian spoke up from the couch,
Tyler was asleep in his arms,
Eva turned to him,

“Why?” She asked,
Even Diego was surprised too.
“Why won’t you go with them?
Diego asked too,

Adrian carefully place Tyler on the bed,then he moved to where Eva was sitting,
” I’m not trying to be away from you and Ty,”He cuddled her closer,

“I don’t want to run away like a coward like I did three months ago.” He said,
She looked up to him and frowned,

“What do you mean by that?
What really happened three months ago?” She asked him curiously moving away from him,

Since he came to the hospital, she hadn’t had the chance to ask him what’d happened three months ago that made him did what he did.
But now is a good opportunity to ask him,

Adrian signalled Diego to give them some privacy,
Diego stood up immediately,
“I’ll leave the two of you for now.” He turned and left the room.

Adrian looked at Eva,
Her face show a great level of hurt and he blames himself for that,

“Why did you do it?” She asked him,seeing he was unwilling to speak up.

“I’m so sorry Eva.” He said but she doesn’t want to hear that,
She wanted the real reason he did what he did that time,
“Sorry for what Adrian?” She asked him,

Sorry cause I couldn’t trust you then,
I was having insecurities with you,”he said,
Eva frowned,
How?” She asked confusedly,

“Yes Eva,
After what I saw that day,
I couldn’t trust myself of…….”
“What did you see Adrian?” She asked impatiently,

Something is scaring her off him now,
What’d he seen that made him chase her away from himself?

“I…I..” Adrian stopped,
He couldn’t say the word,
He doesn’t want to hurt her,
Not now she’s with his child and not ever,

“Adrian talk to me,what did you see?” She asked again,
Getting more impatient at him,
“Adrian talk to me please.”

“Eva,I saw you and…” The words were too hard,
He can’t tell her he saw her on the bed with Davis,
He will be hurting her feelings by telling her,
Telling her to her face that he saw her on the bed with another man and had assumed she was cheating on him.

“Adrian please stop keeping me in suspense,
Who did you see me with?” She asked him,
She came closer to him and took his hand,

“Eva I saw you on the bed with Davis.” He blurted,
Relieving himself of the burden he has carried for months but Eva on the other hand wasn’t relieved at all,

“Eva,you shouldn’t worry about that,
I might have seen wrong but now,
It doesn’t matter anymore,
I’m not going to leave you.” He said but she doesn’t look like she was paying attention to him,

“Adrian,I’m sorry.” She finally said,
Adrian was more confused,
This was the main reason why he didn’t want to tell her about it.
She snuck up to him and lay her head on his broad chest,

“Adrian, I’m sorry but nothing really happened between I and Davis that day.
I’d just gone there to talk to him and thank him for helping I and Tyler,
But Davis was very drunk and….”
She coughed,

“Eva,did he hurt you?” Adrian asked,stroking her hair passionately,
“No he didn’t but he didn’t allow me to take the bottle from him and he won’t let me go too.
So i decided to lay on the bed….
” I didn’t do anything with him.”she cried,
“I’m so sorry Adrian.” She said,

Adrian cuddled her closer and wiped her tears,
“Stop crying Eve,
Stop crying,I know nothing happened,
I was just being irrational then.” He consoled her,

“I trust you Eva and I know you can’t do something like that,
” I’m sorry I had to be very irrational then,it was all my fault you and Tyler had to go through this.
And I promise you babe,
I’m going to take care you and Tyler and our little one.”he placed his hands on her belly,
Her bumps have start to shoot out.

“But now you’ve to go to Long Island with Tyler without me,
Davis can’t be let to roam around after what he did to you and what he attempted to do with our daughter.” He said,

Eva lips curved into what looks like a smile,
“How sure are you it’s a baby girl?” She asked him,tugging his arms,
“Cause I’ve always wanted one since
I already have a son,
And I want a girl that’s just like you Eva,
I want our daughter to be as beautiful and caring like you,
I want our daughter to be like her mommy.” He lay his head on her stomach,

“Sweetie can you hear what daddy’s saying?
Daddy wants you to be like mommy,
He wants you to be beautiful and caring and lovely like your mommy okay.” He said to the foetus,

Eva smiled at the funny acts,
This was what she wanted,
A man who’ll be with her and stand by her through everything and not an obsessed bastard like Davis or Joseph.

To be continued.

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