August 4, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 41

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????????IN LOVE ???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????



Before taking Tyler and Eva to Long Island,
Diego and Adrian first took her to the bank manager,
Mr Munroe was already there waiting for them to come,so they can get what they came for.

“Good day Sir.” Eva greeted the man as Adrian helped her sit comfortably,
The man smiled,
“Eva dear,how’re you doing?” He asked her,
She smiled and nodded,
“Doing pretty well.”

“My condolences for tour parent’s death,
We never got the chance to meet then.” He said,
Eva nodded a thank you.
She has gotten over that,
Now she just want to know what really happened four years ago.

“Mr Diego here said he’s a distant cousin of yours,
Mind if I ask,is it true?” The manager asked her,
She looked at Diego and back to Adrian,
“Yes he’s.”
They’ve spoke about it earlier,
So she need not to ask questions.

“And are you willing to grant permission for the release of what your father had kept for you to him?” He asked her,
Eva looked at both Diego and Adrian,
“I give my full permission.”
The man brought out a document and asked her to sign it.

After reading the words thoroughly,
Eva signed the document and handed it hack to the man,
“Here you go Sir.” The manger took the document from her,
Having to go through it again,
He nodded in affirmation.

“Okay wait for me.” The man said and stood up,
He went out of the office.
“Adrian, I’m scared.” She said to Adrian,
He took her hands,
“It’s gonna be alright Eve,
We’re just gonna see whatever’s in it and know what lead to take next.” Adrian squeezed her hand,

“You’ve done your part,
The only thing now it’s to allow I and Adrian handle things from here while you go to Long Island with Tyler.” Diego added,
She nodded.

The man came in with a brown parcel,
Immediately he sat down,he handed the parcel to Eva,
“Dear you still have right to know whatever’s inside it.”
She took the parcel from him,
Slowly stroking it with her delicate fingers.
Thanks man gave her another paper to sign.

“It’s Bank policies.” He said,
She took the paper from him and signed it.
“You’re good to go now Miss Eva.” He stood up and so did she,
They shook hands with each other,
“Thanks a lot Sir.” She thanked the man,
Who nodded to her and the other men in his office and they left the office.

When they got home, Tyler was with Diego’s only helper and the driver,
And the both of them were instructed not to let anyone into the house or let anyone know of Tyler’s presence.

The boy was asleep when they came back,
Eva didn’t bother disturb him,
So she followed Adrian and Diego to Diego’s study to see what’s in the parcel.

“You should open it Eva.” Diego handed the parcel to her,
It’s rightful for her to open it cause after all,her father had left it for her.
It was the only thing she’d of him.

Eva was so emotional when she was given the parcel,
These were the only memory of her father she has,
Every other thing left with them.
She slowly unwrapped the parcel,
Careful not to shred the cover wrap.

Taking off the wrap cover, she found a box,
Not bigger than a normal music box in it.
Taking a closer look at it,
Its doesn’t look like a music box,
Rather it’s one.

It’s a Chopin’s Music Box,
One her father had gotten for her as a young girl.
She was really in love with musical sounds but hadn’t learnt how to play any sound instrument.
So her father had gotten her this Chopin’s Music Box as her eighth year old birthday gift.

Whenever he wasn’t around to lul her to sleep,
She’s always used this Music Box to fall asleep.

She carefully bought out the music box,
Not minding the men waiting for her to say something,
She open the Music Box and it began to play,
It played her favorite tune first,
Then another tune,
Then another.

Eva didn’t bother to look for any other thing in the box,
It was all that matters to her for the moment.
But something happened,

She was about to play another tune when the Music Box fell down from her grip.
Something else fell out from it,
At fiat she thought it was one of the part that got broken,
But when she picked it up,
It was a Flash Drive.

“What’s that?” Adrian asked her,
She turned to him with the Flash Drive in one hand and her precious Music Box in the other.
“It’s a Flash Drive.” She replied,
Giving the Flash to her.
Adrian took it from her and showed it to Diego.
“I think this is what we’ve been searching for.”
Diego brought out his laptop.

“I think we need to see what’s in this drive.” Diego said as he turn on the laptop.
When the laptop came on,
He inserted the Flash Drive in the Flash Disk and clicked on the option watch to see whatever was it’s content.

Awhile later,the laptop screen became dark and Mr Garry appeared on the screen,
For once,Eva thought the man had come back to life cause he looked so real,
Like they were having a Duo Video Call.

“Eva my loving daughter,
By the time you’ll be watching this,
I know I’m long gone,
Actually that was why I made this especially for your twenty fifth birthday,
I know I won’t be there to celebrate it with you.” He said,
Tears were already pouring down Eva’s cheeks,
Adrian did nothing than to pull her closer,
Making his shoulder a comfort zone for her.

“My grandson must be a big boy now.
Wonder how I know it’s a boy?
I’ve always known your first issue will be a boy,
A strong and very courageous boy that’ll fight the world for you.” He said smiling at his own words.

“I know you are not happy with me,
Especially with what I did,
But I’m very sorry and really do wish I could turn back the hands of the clock and correct all my mistakes.

” Forcing you into that sham called marriage,
I’m deeply sorry for everything I did to you and how I treated you in the latter part of our days together.
But this is the main reason I wanted you to get married to Joseph instead of letting you marry Davis,
The one you love.

“Juan was my high school friend and we went to college together,
Juan Kingston came from a very rich family and he was the sole her to his family’s property after his elder step brother died in a car accident during our college years.” The man said,

“Juan had always wanted to be the first in everything,
His step brother was just two months older than him.
Seeing his chance of him inheriting his father’s assets with his older brother alive very slim,
Juan made me help him eliminate his older brother,facading it as a car accident.” He said,
Everyone in the room gasped with shock.

To be continued

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