July 29, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 49

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 49


The following morning ,I woke up with a text in the phone of the ugly me that reads;

“It’s the boss’s twin brother. Please , don’t mind my brother. I need you as my personal assistant henceforth ,please come over.”

I replied immediately by typing;. “I’m sorry,I can’t. Your brother is too arrogant and he says hurtful words to me just because I’m poor”.

Before I could drop the phone ,his message popped in again like he had being expecting my reply.

“Common! You are no longer poor. Whenever you are in need,all you have to do is to call me and I will provide.”

I replied by typing; “you are only doing this cause you Love me , you will collect whatever you give me back once you see that I’m not retorting your love in the long run ,true or false?”

He replied after few seconds and it reads; “I’m not someone like that. It’s true that I really love you and that is why I love to see you always. But to collect all what I had given to you freely in the past ,No. Please come Rachael.”

I sent him a reply; “Call me.”

His call came through after few minutes.

“Hello dear ,are you coming already?”

“Can you stop calling me ‘dear’ and just call me Rachael?.”

“Oh! Pardon my manners. ” He apologized.

“Not coming please. Can you provide a source of income for me?” I asked.

“A source of income? Erm…I really do not have a company or an inheritance here. Most of our companies here belongs to the boss while our companies at North America and Australia belongs to me. ” He said.

“That implies?”

“It implies you will have to follow me out of the country , I will simply add one of our companies over to you!” He said.

“And what If we did not end up together as Lovers at last”?

“It makes no difference.” He replied

“Hum! I’m coming then.”I said.


Are you wondering how both the ugly Rachael and Beautiful Rachael will be in the same house…????

Check the next episode and see.

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