June 9, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 32 And 33

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 32
Harry’s POV
I gave him a punch that made him fall. I squat in front of him to get answers.
‘Where do you think you are taking her to?’ I asked angrily.
He didn’t answer he was touching his blood. I guess he was finding it fun. I punched him again and his lips broke again. I looked at Sofia and her arm was bleeding. I felt like my madness had been activated. He just made her cry and he is going to cry double. I pulled him up since down there it isn’t fun.
‘Please,’ he pleaded after a while.
‘Talk who sent you?’ I asked annoyed he is playing smart.
‘How much did she pay you?’
$1000 and her body,’ he said and I released him. I moved back to digest his words and the expression on Scots face looked funny. I handed my phone to Scot to stop the recording.
Sofia’s POV
He moved back and he was frustrated. I walked to him and hugged him from behind, I just want him to feel comfortable. He saved me and my sisters. This Nadia is so heartless, how could she do that.
‘Let me finish him up,’ Harry said and I couldn’t let him go.
What if he goes to prison? I can’t take that.
I stood in front of him and hugged him until he calmed down.
‘Don’t do that, you may go to prison. Who will protect me when you aren’t around?’ I asked forming a puppy face.
It works on my mom and dad, I hope it works on him.
‘I’m not going to prison. Come,’ he said and spread his arms.
‘I love you,’ he said and I could feel butterflies in my tummy.
We disengaged from the hug and he dragged Martin to Scots car.
‘Let’s take him to the police,’ he said and he drove.
Lily called our driver not to come. He drove us home but refused me to come down. Scot went in with Lily.

By Virginia Asenath
Episode 33
Harry’s POV
‘When is your mom coming?’ I asked in my way to my house.
‘Tomorrow evening,’
‘Good, I want to take you somewhere,’ I said with a smile.
‘Your wound,’ she said pointing at my hand.
‘Let’s get to where we are going first,’ I said.
I’m so happy I took that idiot to the police. I now need to work on Nadia and her dad. I drove through the back of my house and went to the garden. I left her there and went to get the aid kit. I came back with the kit and she was admiring the place.
‘Is this your house?’ she asked.
‘Yeah, you like the place?’
‘It’s beautiful, do you disguise yourself?’ she asked and I nodded slightly.
‘Are you angry with me?’
‘Of course not,’ she said and hit me playfully and ran towards the house.
‘Hey, wait for me,’ I called and removed her tongue.
I ran after her and when I got hold of her we both fell.
Sofia’s POV
I will keep his secret of disguising himself.
I ran and he followed me but we both fell with him on top.
‘Get off me, you are too heavy,’ I said and pushed him away. It was already getting dark and I had started feeling cold. He removed his jacket and gave to me.
He pulled me closer to himself and I rested my head on his chest.
‘I love you,’ he said and rested his chin on my head.
I smiled as I inhaled his cologne.
‘Let’s go in,’ he said standing and caring me with him.
‘Wait, your hand,’ I said.
‘I will be fine, don’t worry,’ he said and continued walking.
He placed me in the kitchen table and started serving the food.
‘What time did you cook?’
‘There is someone who comes to cook,’
He brought one big plate with the food.
I picked the spoon and fed him, I wasn’t really hungry. It was fun eating together. After sometime he drove me home. He had already taken me around his house and it was beautiful.

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