June 13, 2021

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 37

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Episode 37


Kennedy McKenna’s POV

“This is what happened between me and your mother,” I said as we all sat in Larry’s ward .


” You don’t deserve me Kennedy , you’re too poor for my liking and I don’t love you,” Gemma said.

” But I love you, please just stay with me ,” I said pleadingly while holding her hands but she pulled away.

“I’m sorry but I can’t,” she said crying.

“Why are you doing this to me babe? You know you’re my first love and I have been trying all my best to make sure that you are happy,” I said amidst of tears.

“You never made me happy Kenny . You’re not even romantic like other man out there and I can’t keep on staying with you in this poverty,” she said.

“I know I’m poor Gemma but just bear with me this moment, I promise to work hard and become a good husband to you,” I cried.

“I’m tired of your promises Kenny , ” she screamed at me .

“Whether you like it or not , I’m leaving you,” she said stomping her feet .

“What about our children Gemma ? You want to separate me away from our children right ? Don’t you feel remorse at all huh ? Is it a crime to be poor?” I questioned painfully.

“You are cursed Kenny , I regret the day I opened my legs for you,” she said throwing dirty clothes at me .

“But we have been together for two f*cking years Gemma and you always pretend to love me ,” I screamed back at her as anger aroused in me.

” I never loved you but I loved your d*ck , you’re only good in bed and nothing much so leave me in peace,” she screamed.

“You’re so heartless, I can’t believe you want to leave babies that are only four months old to go and get married to that rich spoilt kid,” I screamed.

“Don’t call Marshall a spoilt kid because he is far much better than you and he is willing to take care of me and my children. Don’t compare yourself with him because he is not cursed like you ,” she said.

“Okay you can go and I will take care of my children alone because I can’t let my kids to be taken care of by Marshall Howard while I’m still alive,” I said fuming with anger.

“I will take Darrell with me and you will stay with Delaney , that’s final .” She said and took the baby with her , I tried stopping her but she hit me with a flower vase and got into the limo that was waiting for her outside.


“That’s how we got separated,” I said and everyone was in tears.

“But how come we have different year of birth?” Larry asked.

“Yours is fake but you’re not identical twins that’s why you don’t look alike and here is the proof that you’re twins ,” I said showing them the same mark on their shoulders and they gasped.

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