July 31, 2021

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 38

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The Boss And His Employee. Episode 37

???????? The Boss and His Employee????????

????Episode 38????

“Your mother got married to Howard and gave birth to Hayley so Hayley is also your sister and she is also my daughter,” Mr McKenna said and they did a group hug .

“Wow I can’t believe we’re twins yet I used to despise you,” Delaney said embracing Larry.

“Me too buddy,” Larry said patting his back .

“Hey little sis come and give me a hug ,” Delaney said spreading his arms for Hayley and they hugged each other.

“Aw , I have a cute sister ,” Delaney said and she giggled.

” Don’t try to snatch her away from me , we have to share her equally ,” Larry said with a puppy face and the whole room roared with laughter.

*Okay okay , I have to check on my new found love in the next ward before going home,” Delaney said and Larry wiped away his tears when he thought of Charlene.

” I need to see my twin’s girlfriend ,” he said faking a smile .

“Me too ,” Hayley said excitedly.

“Okay then let’s go everyone,” Mr McKenna said and they got out of the ward with Delaney walking by himself but he wasn’t that strong.

They got to Charlene’s ward and when they got inside , Hayley and Hillary screamed “What?” in unison.

Mr McKenna and Delaney looked at them in surprise .

“Charlene ,” they both called already in tears .

“Do you know each other?” Delaney asked as fear of losing this lady gripped him.

“She is the one ,” Larry said moving towards Charlene’s bed .

” What do you mean?” Mr McKenna asked in confusion.

” She is Larry’s girlfriend we are looking for,” Hayley said and Delaney slumped on the floor as he heard this.

Pain stuck his heart knowing very well that he was going to lose her .

“My love,” Larry said caressing Char’s cheeks and she shivered

“Who are you and why do I have this feeling that I have known you before ?” She asked with a shaking voice.

“You can’t remember me ” Larry said sobbing and brought out a golden necklace which was written “H n C ” on it and showed it to her .

“Do you remember this?” He asked and Charlene screamed holding her head in pain as all the memories flash back.

“Larry ,” she screamed as she remembered him vividly.

“Yes babe , I’m so sorry for what I have done,” he said hugging her .

“I’ve forgiven you because I love you and I can’t live without you,” she said.

“I love you Charlene and I promise never to do that again,” Larry said.

“I love you too Larry,” she said and kissed him passionately.

“We’re still here,” Hayley said giggling and that’s when Charlene noticed her .

“Hayley,” she squealed excitedly.

“Bestie I thought you have forgotten me too ,” she said hugging her.

“You’re hurting her ,” Larry said separating them and they laughed.

“Are you jealous now?” Hayley asked rolling her eyes .

” Why not ,” Larry said grinning.

“Well babe , meet my twin Delaney and biological father here Mr McKenna ,” Larry said and explained everything to her to clear the confusion.

“Nice to meet you Charlene and sorry for lying to you that you are my lover , I have just realized that it was lust not love,” Delaney said smiling.

“It’s okay and thank you for taking care of me ,” she said returning the smile.

“Nice to meet you Mr McKenna,” she said.

“Likewise” he said patting her back and the door opened.

“Carlton , Mom ,” Charlene screamed as they both ran towards her and embraced her .

“I missed you guys,” she said sniffing.

“I’m so sorry my child for abandoning you and …”

“It’s okay Mom I don’t want to hear about the past so let’s forget it and move on with our lives as a family,” she said and her mom cried bitterly regretting what she has done.

“Thank you so much baby , I never thought you will forgive me ,” she said.

“Its okay Mom but who called you guys ?” Char asked.

“Hayley,” Carlton replied.

“Thank you so much dear ,” she thanked Hayley.


Hayley is still single

Larry is now engaged to Charlene

Delaney forgave Gabriella and they started dating again though she was also Larry’s ex .

Mr McKenna got married to Charlene’s mom and they’re now a happy family.

*****THE END*******


The Boss And His Employee. Episode 37

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