August 1, 2021

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 31

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire.

Episode 31

^.Melissa ^

Many years ago , my parents were very rich and we live up south at Washington ….Trump’s estate to be precise.

We lived happily , I had just a sister and a brother. They were younger than I am and although we fight few times ,we still loved each other.

I know what it is to come to Lodge in an hotel as exorbitant like this and have fun.

We attended the most expensive school at Washington.

Everything change when Father died. His business was taken over by his business associates.

My mom was bullied and later got sent out of the estate since we couldn’t afford to live there again.

We began to live the poorest life here in Texas

I narrated my past and cried while he just kept staring at me.

“Why exactly did you come to the hotel to Lodge without having any means of paying?” He asked.

“No human in his common sense would do that but this is what happened;

It was a Sunday morning and I was really dejected ,she was crying before my sister and brother could even wake.

I was asleep too.

On a norms ,she would have get dressed and go to church cause she seems to be church addict.

I was the first to wake ,I rubbed my face on noticing that my mom was crying. My heart broke into pieces before I could even stand or move.

My whole world seems to be shattering before me. It’s horrible seeing your loving mother crying alone.

Whatever is making her cry is not worth it.

I looked to my younger ones and saw that they were laying fine. I wondered what could have made mom sad to the extent of crying on a Sunday morning.

I stood and walked sullenly to her. ” Mom!” I called but she kept crying without giving me any attention.

“Mom!” I called again and she cleaned her face with a towel by her side.

She cleaned her face and looked at me. ” Melissa!”

“Mom ,why are you crying?” I asked and she nodded slowly.

“Poverty. There is nothing to eat today again ,Melissa….is this how we would continue living our lives?”

I sighed and shook my head.

Many weeks before then ,we hardly complete three square meal.

I remembered when we use to be rich and I thought of what to do help my mom. My younger ones are helpless before poverty.

I didn’t say any word to mom ,I just packed my luggage and said; “Mom, I need to leave this house,I promise that when I come ,I will make you proud. ” my mom just looked at me without saying a word.

Out of pain ,I behaved recklessly by coming to this hotel and it seems I’m lucky.


“Yes ,Lucky to meet you.” I said.

“What! You unlucky to meet me cause I will never pay you a dime out of the deal I’m making with those men. Oh! You think I Will give you part of it. Forget it ,you can’t get a dime from it. ”

“The deal of those men is not even with you ,it’s with me .” I said and laughed mockingly at him.

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