June 13, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 44

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by munay berry

Episode 44

Miguel POV

My body system went stiff when I heard that familiar voice,

I turn around and its true she is here.

“Miguel ” she called

“Mum?  I said more like a whisper

I noticed the look of surprise on sawyer’s face.

“Common Miguel is that how to welcome your mom” she said with her handing wide open expecting a hug which I declined.

“Mum what are you doing here?  Huh I asked getting angry.

“Miguel can I come and see my sons, have missed you guys so much ” she said without an atom of guilt.

Sawyer just stood still watching us.

“Look mum we don’t need you in our lives anymore you can’t just walk outta our life and come back when you feel like” I said with an expressionless face

“Am sorry baby am gonna make it up to you and Cody please forgive me I promise to explain everything to you dear” she said in between sob.

She knows ion like seeing ladies cry she is trying to use emotional blackmail but am not gonna fall for that again.

I wanted to say something when sawyer stopped me by squeezing my palm gently I looked at her face, she only nodded.

“Oh and who is the young lady Miguel” mum asked looking at sawyer with disgust.

Sawyer’s POV

Wonder Miguel was really angry with his mum.

Since we moved down to this neighborhood haven’t seen any of his relatives

It was just him and Cody,

I felt like excusing them to sort their selves but Miguel was holding my hands
Tight but not tight enough to hurt me.

All this time miguels mum was just looking at me like some piece of trash.

Feeling uncomfortable already, I just wanna go home

“Oh and who is this young lady Miguel ” she gesture at me with her hands.

i felt tense for what is gonna be his reply

“She is no one that concerns you ” he growled rudely.

“Miguel maybe I should.. Go”  I said dragging my hands from his.

“No You not going anywhere, you staying with me

“She is the un invited guest she should be the one to leave ” he said with his eyes balls burning with fury.

” look pretty girl, I don’t mean to get you upset but you should just go,

“If you really don’t want your heart to be broken, I will advice you drop whatever feeling you have for him and free yourself from in pending heart break. His mum said.

Okay am lost here what is she driving at?

“Mum stop this drama right now ” Miguel yelled at her making her flinch a little

But she didn’t stop there.

“Sawyer right? ” she asked

I nodded

“Stay away from Miguel because he is betrothed to someone else, some one better than you ” she dropped the bomb.

I looked at Miguel for answers,

he only kept that expressionlesss face which soften when he look at

No this has to be a joke.

A big fat lie.

“Sawyer  I…

“No don’t “I stop him half before he could finish

“I should go” I said running off

Ignoring his calls as tears fell freely from my eyes

Just few hours ago that I thought everything was working out for me.

That Miguel loved me back but it was all a big fat lie

I should have known he never loved me.

He played with my emotions.

I kept walking to go knows where,
Couldnt see properly as tears clowded my face.

I never knew where I was because everywhere had become dark,

Miguel had been calling and texting but am not gonna fall for that anymore.

Was lost in my thought when I slip and fell from a cliff into the river.

Maybe this is how is gonna end.

Slowly I lost the ability to breathe,

Till I couldn’t anymore.

I blacked out

Miguel POV

What I have done?  Mum why do you hate me so much that you don’t want to see me  happy I lamented.

“Look her madam just pray nothing happens to sawyer or else you gonna regret ever giving birth to me” I yelled at her before running into the streets in search of her.

Sawyer where are you please answer my calls, its not what you think.

I kept calling and texting but she wasn’t answering.

Luckily I was able to track her phone GPS to a Beverly hills cliff

What could she be doing here?

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