July 26, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 45

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munay berry

Episode 45

(The secret)

Miguel POV

What could she be doing here?

Was at the verge of loosing hope when I caught sight of something
Floating on the water.


I ran as fast as I could and jump into the water.

It was indeed sawyer,

She try to drown herself because my stupid mom

Swears am gonna make her pay if anything happens to swayer am gonna kill her and myself.

I dragged her out and lay her with tummy facing up,

I had successfully gotten all the water out through mouth to mouth respiratory.

But still she didn’t move nor wake up

“Wake sawyer don’t fucking do this to me” I yelled holding her close to my chest.

Still she didn’t open her eyes.

“Walk up you clumsy fool or else am gonna kiss you till your lips get swollen I yelled out tears.

Immediately I said that she sneezed twice, before forcing her eyes open which met my teary eyes.

I felt happy at thesame time sad

“Miguel? “She murmured as tears came rushing out.

“Shh kitten don’t do that to me again

I would die if anything should happen to you,

Am sorry for everything but you have to please let me explain.

“No Miguel there is no need for that” she whispers trying to get away from my warmth.

“No I have to, I love you so much kitten and I don’t see myself with anyone else then you. You gave me a reason to live and to be happy.

“Mum left me and Cody when he just 6 months  old cause of money, she got married to a rich dude, because of selfishness she left us alone saying,

“We are gonna ruin her perfect wedding, she called us liabilities “I smiled out tears.

For eight good years! Sawyer she left us because of money for eight fucking years,  as for my dad I had no idea who he is and I also don’t want to know.

I struggled so much in that 8years, i had to resolve into doing odd jobs and also looking after cody”

Years back I saved a multi billionaire from  death, she later took me and Cody onto her life where she treated us like her sons.

She shower us with love because she doesn’t have a family of her own, we became part of her family till one tragic event That claim the life of my adoptive mum.

that was how she willed all her funds and property to us” i said as tears roll down my chick.

“Miguel I… She try to say when I cut her short.

“No let me finish ”

Ever since then, I left the mansion in the care of maids.  I bought my house here in Beverly hills so me and Cody can have some peace and quiet.

“I haven’t said this to anyone before, I don’t even have friends because I feel they are all after my money.

“Am saying this openly to you sawyer because you my girlfriend and I love you so much,

“You are my addiction, am not betrothed to anyone ” mum said that to upset you,

Sawyer’s POV

I don’t know having crying since,

I can’t believe he went through all that,

“You are my addiction, am not betrothed to anyone “mum said that to upset you

Ptweew I breath out air.

Thank goodness it isn’t true.

I feel so sorry for him that I can’t help but hug him.

“Love You with my life Miguel and I promise to stand by you always ” I sobbed.

It was alot to take in for one day.

” dont scare me like that again ” he said cuddling me,

“Never baby”

“Promise me that no matter what it is, we would always sit and talk about it” he said  and kissed my forehead

“I promise” I murmured.

“Let’s go home babe  or you wanna sit here and cuddle all night ” he said with a grin.

” Huh Uh no am pretty cold already ”

” he pulled his jacket and wore them for me before carrying in bridal style.

I felt save in his arm with my head buried in his chest

Inhaling that sweet cologne of his.

I can’t get enough of him

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