August 6, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 121

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He And Her V.

Episode 121

^ Grace ^

Gosh! This Don of a guy is smart enough to get my tactics. I exhaled heavily and stood from the chair that I was.

I paced to and fro the room really disturbed. I’m kind of stuck at the moment cause there is no act iyf mine presently that can ever make him not tell Tucker all he knows .

I’m glad I never got to tell him if the child is Tucker’s or not. I should have known when he was asking me stupid questions. I wonder what he wants to use the information for.

An idea popped into my head and I smiled.

I went to Joy’s room.


“Yes Mom.” She answered and I went to sit beside her.

“Someone is trying to hurt dad and we need to protect him. Now , I need you to do something for me ”

“Tell me mom ! ”

“I need you to pretend like you are sick ,I will take you to the hospital now and call Tucker that you slumped all of a sudden ,make sure you play along ,alright?”

“Cleared ,mom.” She answered and I carried her all of a sudden and she also pretended like she has slumped.

“Joy! Joy! Wake up please!” I cried loud: loud enough for Camilla to hear.

I carried her out while crying loudly. Just when I was about placing her on the back seat of my car ,Camilla showed up.

“What’s wrong with her?” She asked.

“She slumped !” I cried and placed her well at the back seat of the car.

I entered the car and drove off.

About few minutes to the hospital ,I called one of the doctors that works for me and explained what I need him to do for me.

After he agreed, I put a call across to Tucker.

^Tucker’s POV^

“Grace killed the doctor.” Don said.


“I’m her arm ,I help her execute her mission. She ordered me to keep track on you and I did. I’m so sorry ,I never knew you were the one all this times. ” He said and tears streamed from my face as I remembered what state the wife and the son of the doctor will be presently.

I remembered the words the boy said to me then when I was trying to console him.

“You kill?” I asked.

“Yes,I use to kill for a living. The man my step father sold me too is an assassin. He trained me to be one and still send me on a mission.” he said and I shook my head pathetically.

“I need you to be very careful around Grace , if possible ,divorce her. She’s evil.” He said.

“It’s not as easy as you think. Did you know if Grace’s child is really mine? Cause I know she has being trying every means to stop me from confirming if the child is mine or not. ”

Don sighed heavily and said; “I’ve asked her many times but she hasn’t confessed outrightly. But come to think of it,if the child is really yours ,why is she trying to stop you from confirming?”

“I’ve thought about it too but then I think she might have other reasons. ” I said and my phone buzzed all of a sudden.

I checked the caller on my phone and looked at Don who was looking at me like he had guessed whom the caller is already.

“It’s Grace.” I said.

“Pick it and place it on loud speaker.”

I did as he had suggested and Grace’s voice came through. “Tucker!” Then her cry followed.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, not really disturbed cause I do not really trust her, she might be up to another thing.

“Your daughter slumped and I’m currently taking her the hospital.” Her cry followed again.

I kept quiet for a while and looked to Don.

“Hang up!” Don whispered and I did.

“It’s her plot. Forget about it.”


“Trust me…I worked with her for many years , she’s trying to stop our conversation” Don said and I nodded.

I was thinking on the other hand if what Grace said may be true.

“I want to help you confirm if the child is yours or not. I will tell you exactly what to do…Just follow the instructions.” He said.

“Good! That is exactly what I’d being willing to know. Now that you had promised to help….I’m certain I will be able to confirm ”

Sincerely ,Grace is a thorn in the flesh of Camilla and I.

Confirming if the daughter is mine or not will definitely be a new beginning for my dear Camilla and I.

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