August 4, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 42

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????????IN LOVE???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????



“I know you must be surprised to hear your father aided a murder but I had to do it dear?” He said,
“But you should as well know why I did it.
” Juan had my college girlfriend hostage and that if I don’t help him,
He was going to hurt Ava,”

Diego paused the video and turned to Eva and Adrian,
“This has more than we thought,” He said,
“I never knew Mr Juan to be that heartless.” He added,,
Eva just couldn’t say a word,
“Can you continue to play it.” Adrian said,
Diego went to the laptop and resumed the video.

“I had to help him plan the car accident that claimed Jose’s life.
It all went well and the case close,
The cop themed it as a car accident and that was the end of it.”

“After college,Juan left for abroad while I did my Law Practice in the States,
A few years later,I and Juan met again,
I was engaged to your mom then while Juan and his wife just had their second son Davis then.

The Kingstons were still priving as one of the top families in the US,
They were still dealing with cash like they’ve always done but this time the money wasn’t legal.
Grand theft,money laundering and drugs.
Selling of firearms and explosives,
They’d different crime to their name,
Human trafficking and murders but I’d to cover up for them as the family lawyer.

Once a detective came up sniffing their ass to know what’s the real deal of the family,
Juan and his wife Davina had someone get rid of the man and case closed.
No one could match up with them.
They had their ass closed so tight no one could sniff them out.

After you turned sixteen,
I noticed the close relationship between you and Juan’s second son Davis,
The boy was so loving and kind,
He was a replica of José, Juan’s older brother.
Unlike his brother Joseph who was a play toy in his father’s reins.
I really like Davis but I wanted Joseph for you.

Joseph was the heir of the family and in my greediness for more wealth and power,
I talked Juan into getting his son married to you,
He’d refused the offer but when I threatened him with leaking his dirty secrets to the world,
He agreed on it.

Immediately you turned eighteen,
Juan sent the proposal to me,
Asking me to allow his son Joseph marry you.
I agreed to the proposal and that was the beginning of my doom.

I never knew Juan had ulterior plans for me,
After getting you married to Joseph,he cut me of all access to his family.
He got a new lawyer and unfortunately for me,this new lawyer was my greatest rival at court.
A few days ago,he’d sent his men to abduct me but I made a narrow escape,
That’s why I’m leaving the county with your mom.
I know I might not be alive when you see this clip but all the evidence against Mr Kingston for all the crimes he committed is with my assistant Mr Munroe.

Tell him the briefcase I’d given him before Thanksgiving night,
It contains all the evidence you’ll need to fight against Mr Kingston and his family.
The briefcase pass code is your birthday Eva.
Now you’ll have to take justice not justice for me but for other people the Kingstons have hurt so far.
It’s time for justice Eva,
Take rein and lead,
I love you kid.”

The video ended with Mr Gary blowing a kiss to his daughter.
Everyone was quiet especially Eva.
She couldn’t believe all her father has just informed her.
Everything had make sense to her,
She was beginning to understand everything.

The Kingstons hatred towards her,
And the reason they wanted her dead and Tyler to be with them.
The real reason Joseph had always mistreated her and treated her badly.
They were making her pay for her fathers crimes..

Not his crimes,
His mistakes and the Kingstons crime.
She had been paying for it for years,
But now,it’s over.
She was going to get justice for her parents and those innocent people the Kingstons have hurt.
Now,its time for justice.

What snapped her from her thought was Diego’s ringing phone,
“Davis is calling.” He spoke up before accepting the call.
“Hello Davis.” He said,
“Diego,I’m coming over to your place now,
I need you to help me run a check on something.” He said,
Diego tried to ask him what that may be but he hung up saying he’ll at Diego’s place under an hour.

“Eva,you guys have to start leaving now.” He said immediately he kept his phone on the desk,
“Davis will be here soon.” He said to them,
Adrian helped Eva stand up from the chair,
“Adrian you go get Tyler from the room,
I’ve already packed his stuffs,
It’s in the rear end of the window.” She said to him.

Adrian left to get Tyler while Eva followed Diego outside,
The driver was already there waiting for them,
“I would have loved to take you guys there but with the situation at hand,we need to stay back and handle things here..”

“But Javi here knows my mom’s,
So he’ll be taking you guys there.” Diego assured her,
She just nodded.
Adrian came out the sleepy Tyler and a little bag.

He carefully placed the boy in the passenger’s seat,
Kept the bag then came to Eva,
“Adrian please come with us.” She hugged him,
She was getting emotional,
Don’t know what she’ll do without him with her.

The first she tried,
It didn’t end up well,
So she doesn’t want to take chances again.
What if they never get to see again?
She wants him to be present on the birth of his child,
How long does she have to stay away from him?

“Eva,you need to go alone now okay,
And this isn’t our last meeting love,it’s just for awhile and everything will get back to how it was,
Take care of yourself, Tyler and our little angel.” He bent to her stomach level,
Placing his head on her bumps,

“Little one,you and your brother have to take care of mommy,
Don’t stress mommy to much and don’t kick too hard.
Daddy will join you guys soon.” He kissed the thin fabric between his lips and her stomach.

“Adrian, I’m scared.” She said with tears swelling up her eyes,
Left to him,he would have love to have her beside him always,
But now,the situation doesn’t permit that,
Her safety and that of the kids matters first.

“Hey baby,you don’t need to be scared,
” Everything’s going to be fine and we’ll be together with no one running up on us okay.” He kissed her forehead,
Wiped the tears that escaped her eyes,
Then walked her to the car.

“Ty,” He called the sleepy boy,
The boy opened his groggy eyes,
“Take care of your mommy and your sister alright.”
The kid was sleepy but every instruction given to him went direct to his brain and he made a mental note of it.
Adrian bent and kissed the child’s forehead too.

Eva got into the car amidst tears and the car took off while she continued to wave at Adrian till she could see them no more.
Not long after they left,
Adrian went to Mr Munroe’s.
Diego has called the man and told him of Adrian proposed visit.

Mr Munroe who was surprised after watching the copy of the video Diego sent to him went out and brought out the old and dusty briefcase.
Mr Kennedy had given him this briefcase four years ago,
To some reasons best known to him,
He hadn’t even opened the briefcase and had even forgotten about it existence till Diego called him a few moments ago and asked him to go fish out the briefcase.

As for the pass code, it was no problem,
Adrian knows Eva’s birthday.
Bringing out the briefcase,
He cleaned the dust covered briefcase and kept it on his study table waiting for Adrian to arrive and begin his work.
Now the real battle has begun and the Kingstons won’t even know what hit them this time around.

To be continued.

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