August 3, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 43

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????????IN LOVE???? WITH A VAMPIRE????????



Diego and Adrian together with Mr Munroe file a petition to the court on the case.
They wanted the case of José’s and Mr Garry’s death to be reopened.
Having all the evidence they needed,
It was vital they treat with caution.
So instead of making it open and attracting danger to themselves,
They pleaded with the judge to make their name unknown till the Kingstons are brought in court.

The judge found the request weird but when they explained to him that the request was made for security purpose, he complied to the request and granted them anonymity to the case till the accused was brought forth in court.

“So you sure you have concrete evidence to prove to us that Mr Kingston’s a murderer?” The judge asked them,
Diego nodded,
“Sir,you don’t need to bother about that,
We have full evidence to prove to the whole world what Mr Kingston and his family have been doing all this while.” He said confidently.

The judge signed the petition and a case was filed against the Kingstons.
A letter of charges was sent to their residence while Diego and Adrian were given a date to appear in court.

“What?” Juan yelled as hr saw the content of the letter that was just handed to him by his guard.
A case had been filed against him and his family by an anonymous person.
Their charges were murder,drugs and kidnap.

Davina who’d being getting her feet pedicures heard her husband yell,
She left the maids and ran to him,
“Honey what’s the matter?
Why were you shouting?” She asked him with concern seeing the mans angry face.

Instead of telling her,he handed the letter to her,
Davina was shocked to see the content of the letter,
Someone had filed a very strong case against them,
Money Laundering,
And Kidnap.
“Who did this?” She asked angrily,

“José’s murder and Garry’s murder,case reopened due to a new light in the story.” She read out,
“What nonsense?
I thought you’d this taken care of?” She asked her husband,
The man was speechless and angry.

“Who’s responsible for this?” She asked herself,
“Only Garry knew all this secret but he’d dead,
So who’s doing this?” She was perturbed with this new discovery.
“Do you think Eva’s behind this?” She asked her husband,
The man didn’t reply,
He only took out his phone and scroll his contact list for his attorney’s cell number.

He saw it and placed a call to the man,
“Hello Williams.” He said immediately the man accepted the call,
“Williams, where are you now?” He asked the man with full urgency,
“Mr Kingston,I’m Las Vegas with my……
” Williams get yourself to my house now,
There’s a massive problem.” He said to the man,

“Williams get your ass back to New York as fast as you can,
There’s big problem.” The man said in urgency,
Then ended the call when he got an assurance from the other man that he was on his way back.

While they came back home,
Adrian called Eva.
It been almost a week since they’d left and not a day pass without him speaking to them.
It was among his daily routine to call at least twice a day.
Most times,
They do video call when he’s less busy while during his busy days,
They do voice calls.

“So how’re you doing?” He asked her,
It was a Duo Video Call.
“I’m fine,just that I’m missing you a whole lot and your little champion here,” She pointed to her stomach which had just a little bump on it.
“Won’t let me rest,
She wants to see her daddy and have him talk to her.” Eva said smiling at him.

“I miss you too Eve,
I miss having you and Tyler around,
I miss those pretty smiles of yours.” He said,
Eva blushed.
“Are you sure?” She asked him playfully,
“I’m as sure as my next breathe Eva,
I miss every inch of you,
I miss you Eve, I miss you so much God knows I do.” He said to her,
“I know you do Adrian,
I trust you.” She said to him.

Just then Tyler ran towards her,
“Tyler,see who called.” She pointed at the screen to the boy who waved beaming with smile seeing Adrian again.
“Ty,how’re you doing?” Adrian asked,
The boy nodded,
“Hope you’re taking care of mommy?” He asked again and the boy nodded,
He kissed Eva goodbye and waved to Adrian,
“He’s going to play with the kids nearby.” She informed Adrian.

“He seems happier now right?” Adrian asked,
“Yeah I guess so,” she said to him,
“Eva don’t worry about Tyler,
He’s a strong boy and bet you,
He’s going to pass through this and he’s going make it stronger.” He encouraged her,
I just hope so.” She said weakly,
“I don’t hope so Eve,
I know so.
Tyler’s going to be fine,
So like you and our baby girl.” He said to her.
Watching him and hearing him say these words,
She felt very courageous and wanted to fight till it’s finally over.

“Adrian, I’ll have to go now.
We’ll talk later.” She said to him,
Then he remembered the real reason he’d called.
“Eva,the court have approved our petition and the case of your father’s murder have been reopened.” He announced,
Eva smiled,
“That’s good news.” She said,
“Yeah, it definitely is a good news.
The Kingstons won’t be sure how to handle this one,
Not when Joseph’s still in the prison for attempted murder and now,
His father’s being charged for murder too.
It’s going to be a great scene to see.” Adrian said to Eva who was smiling.
They’re getting what they deserve.

Juan was perambulating in his office when Attorney Williams Cabrera came in.
The other man was putting on a corporate suit and a black Zedan’s Designer Shoe.
“Mr Kingston you called me?” The other man asked,
Both men were in their late fifties but Mr Kingston is a bit older than Mr Cabrera.

“Yes.” He took out the letter and gave it to the man.
“Wait what?” The attorney was surprised too.
Four years ago,he’d aid to close Mr Garry’s death case and he made sure they were no lead to the actual truth lying around.
He destroyed everything.
Now he’s going to make sure this one doesn’t get out no matter the cost.
He’s going to destroy whoever this unknown person is…

To be continued.

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