August 6, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 50

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful

Episode 50


I put a call across to my sister immediately and she picked. “Sister ,I need you to disguise like me and come over!”

She was confused with the kind of reply she gave me but I explained everything for her , after few more conversations ,she agreed and promised to show up in another two hours.

About two hours later ,I was already standing at the entrance of the boss house hoping that my sister’s disguise is perfect cause I do not want any mistake.

I know her to be very good at that but I still needed to confirm before the boss and his twin sets their eyes on her.

She showed up and I was forced to think that another me was the one approaching me.

I walked up to her and asked to confirm is she really is my sister.

“Sister!” I called and she smiled.

“Common! I’m Rachael now right?” She asked.

“Yes ,your name is Rachael while mine is Eva ….you are acting as the ugly me and you are the one that the boss twin love while I’m the beautiful one that the boss himself likes. Understood?”

“Cleared.” She said. “Are we suppose to behave like we never know each other?”

“Yes ,in fact, we acting like cat and dog.” I replied.

“Understood.” She said and walked pass me. I watched as she walked away while I just chuckled.

My sister is crazy ,she got the disguise so well.

I walked behind her and finally got to the living room where she stood staring around.

The boss’s twin came into light and smile formed easily on his lips on seeing my sister ; he had believed my sister is the ugly me.

“Welcome Rachael ,I’m glad you really came.” He gestured for my sister to sit and she oblige.

I hissed and walked away.

“I so loathe this rude girl !” The boss’s twin said to me while I ignored.

I had barely taken two steps when the boss himself and I almost collide.

“Is anything the matter?” He asked.

“Your brother! He said he loathes me…No wonder he has an ugly girlfriend. ” I said and he chuckled.

“Rachael isn’t his girlfriend yet ….that’s my secretary , don’t you know?” He asked me.

“No,just meeting her for the first time. “I replied.

“I hope you won’t have issues with her.” he said.

“Why should I? Well…if you do not give her attention, though ” I said.

“Common! I had said it times without number that I loathe that ugly secretary so much.” He said.

“You loathe her yet you want her around.” I said and his face dropped in surprise.

“Excuse me!”

“Never mind!” I said and he nodded.

He walk to the living room while I watched.

“You this Bbbbbbch,what are you doing here….” He yelled.

My sister came to look at me for what whatever and I quickly looked away.

Common! Can’t sister just find something to say. Didn’t she know that looking at me will make us get casted.

“About few seconds later ,I turned to the scene again and I saw my sister’s face on me again.

“what should I say?” She whispered

Jeez! How can she whisper this before the boss and his twin. Not when we have even agreed to pretend like we never know each other.

Gosh! My sister is dumb.

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