June 13, 2021

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 32

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire.

Episode 32


” Fool!” He said and looked into my face.

“Are you so daft? Just because you are the intermediary ,you really think the deal is with you? ” he laughed. ” Did you even know anything about the business we are about to engage in?”

“I have start to study about it. Don’t feel unsecured ,though. Once the money get transferred into my account ,I will send you ten percent.” I said mockingly.

“Wait! Have you gone crazy? Whom will you give ten percent…Girl ,stop dreaming . The deal is with me and not with you, fool.” he said.

“You won’t even get tired of calling me fool. Why did you think the man start requesting of seeing me? Why not you?” I asked.

“Stupid question. Just because you convinced him. ” he said.

I walked to his side and sat very close to him.

“You see,young man. I see myself becoming a billionaire soon. If care is not taken ,I may be richer than you in the coming weeks cause it seems the deal absolutely belongs to me.” I said and he stood angrily.

“Are you mad?” My words seems to be having the kind of effect I want on him. “Oh! I get…you are mad now.”

He picked his phone and angrily called whom I’m yet to know.

“Hello sir.” He said into the phone and fortunately for me ,he placed the phone on loud speaker , audible enough for anyone in the room to hear the conversations.

“Mr. Jason. How are you doing?” It was the voice of the man we are making the deal with.

“Fine sir , Just to be sure…Are we going on with the deal?” He asked.

“Sure….why not. Didn’t your girlfriend tell you? She convinced my business advisers flawlessly…I’m impressed. ” The man said.

“Oh! The deal is between you and I right?” Tucker asked.

“Deal! Well….for proper contract ….I think you should allow your girlfriend step forward and make the deal. She seems to be more capable than you. I won’t even like you to be in the forefront of the deal ” The man said.

“Hey Mr. Jason ,talk with you some other time ,got someone important to attend to ” The man Said and hung up.

Jason came to look into my face with his face stunned.

“You….will be in the fore front of the deal? What then is my gain?”

I laughed mockingly at him. “Are you asking me?”

I laughed sarcastically at him again.

“Then I’m cancelling the deal…If I’m not going to be at the forefront ,what is the purpose of the deal ,though?” He asked no one in particular.

“Either you cancel the deal or not…I’ll still go ahead with the deal. seems the girl you refer to as the ‘ugly poor thing’ is now more important than you.” I said mockingly.

“The man said he wants to speak with someone important when he was about to hang up meaning you are not even of importance to him!” I said and began to laugh mockingly at him cause I’m so sure my words and my act will be hurting him so bad.

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