July 26, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 46

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munay berry

Episode 46

Miguel POV

Last night was something else thank goodness she is okay

I wonder what I would have done if anything had happen to her,

Stood up from my bed and dragged my lazy self to the bathroom, turn on the jacuzzi tub and relaxed in it,

Letting the warmth surround me.

Mum is just making things hard for me, she can’t just go and come whenever she likes
Am not gonna give her that chance cody doesn’t need someone like her in his life.

Am still letting her stay with me just because sawyer said so if not I would have kicked her out.

Moments later I was clad in a rugged jean and a white body hug shirt revealing my abs????

I took my bag pack ready for school but first I need to check up on my annoying girlfriend,

I wonder what she is up to right now.

Jugged downstairs to the kitchen, I met mum in my goddamn kitchen cooking God knows what. While cody was seated comfortably watching her,
I know he is gonna bug me with questions soon about mum.

“Mum what are you doing in my kitchen” I asked coldly

“Miguel baby you awake” she said making scrambled eggs and bacon.

“That doesn’t answer my question Mrs Sebastian ” I said rudely.

“Stop being so rude to me am your mother for crying out loud, I said am sorry am gonna make it up to the both of you ” what else do you want me to say?  He said in a sob.

“Sorry?  Sorry for what actually, is sorry gonna bring back all the years you left us alone huh, is sorry gonna take the pain which you inflicted on us go away” I yelled with angry running through my veins.

She flinched in fear,

All this while cody just sat there watching us,

“Cody your school bus will soon arrive here is your lunch money and your back page” I said to cody before walking out.

I got to sawyer’s door step, was about knocking when the door opened almost immediately revealing sawyer looking so beautiful with small pink lips, v face, cat eyes and pointed nose. My anger subsided on seeing her pretty face

“Quit drooling will you? ” she said snapping me outta my fantasy

“Lol no way baby I wasn’t drooling, there was actually a bug on your head” I lied

“Ahhhhhhhhhh mommy, where is it, please get it off get it offfffg me ” she scream running in circles while hitting her body.

I burst into an uncontrollable laughter ????

“Gotta I said

“You trickster how dare you!  She said feigning annoyance.

” last person to make it to school is dog poop ????

Sawyer’s POV

This guy just tricked me??

Am so gonna kill him

Annoying boyfriend

“Last person to make it to school is dog poop ” with that he ran off

“Hey wait you cheat ‘”  I chased after him.

We both ran till we got exhausted and decided to stop to catch our breath alittle.

“This is so fun!  He said leaning against a tree while I rested my head on his shoulder.

“Yeah we could do this morning if you want ” I smiled.

” really babe” he said with a grin.

“Yeah let’s get going we don’t wanna be late for mr coulson classes” I said while both laughed..


We walked into the school premises hand in hand, students kept looking at us, some we’re glaring especially the girls

But I don’t give a fuck,

He is mine alone.

“Miguel what’s the meaning of this?  Why are you holding hands with this dunzo”

We both turned sideways to see who it was.

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