July 26, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 47

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Written ✍ by Feathers

Episode 47

Miguel POV

“Miguel what are you doing with her” ruby said glaring at sawyer.

Smiles what’s up this girl, her attitude is starting to piss me off.

“What does it look like ruby ” sawyer replied with a smile.

“Hey watch it I wasn’t talking to you dog poop ” ruby fired.

“Okay enough ruby I won’t have you insult my girlfriend like that” I yelled at her making her flinch

You need to see the look on her face

“Girlfriend?  What are you talking about Miguel ” she asked shocked to the bone.

While sawyer was grinning from ear to ear.

“Yeah that’s right sawyer here is my  girlfriend so back off if you ain’t happy with it” I said coldly.

” that’s not possible miguel, she can never be your girlfriend have you forgotten how you use to hate this bitch so much huh. Oh oh!  Its a prank right? She said smiling.

” no rubby am not joking and for your info I love sawyer so much from the start I never hated her so don’t you dare insult her again ” I said getting irritated already

“Never that’s not gonna happen Miguel, after making me fall deeply inlove with you, you pick her over me huh? ” she yelled out tears.

“Lol rubby what are insinuating, I never asked you  to fall for me. I made it clear from the start that I can’t date you but be your friend and brother.,

look ruby I only see you as a sister nothing much,

I never felt anything other than brotherly love so please kill whatever feelings you have for me cause am inlove with someone else ” i Said angrily.

“No Miguel I can’t, I love you so much dont do this to me,.. Miguel if I can’t have you to myself then nobody I promise you ” she said with fury

“I would love to see you try ” sawyer finally spoke

“Babe let’s get going I said dragging sawyer alone.

Ruby just spoilt my mood today.

How can she try to threaten me?  I bet she doesn’t know me yet or what am capable of

Sawyer’s POV

I said it, I knew there was something fishy about how ruby normally act whenever am close to Miguel.

She better back off because am not ready to leave my Miguel for any stupid bitch.

“Hey princess what are you thinking about, is it about what happened with ruby? ” Miguel said calmly face palmed my chin.

“Not really am just scared of loosing you,. I am getting this strange feeling that ruby ain’t giving up so earlier ” I said playing with my fingers

“No need to be scared baby am all yours” he said  as he engaged me in a kiss

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