July 26, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 122

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He And Her V. Episode 123
He And Her V. Episode 121

He And Her V.

Episode 122


I drove away from the stadium and drive straight to the hospital that Grace said her daughter is.

Don had told me to visit the hospital and confirm what he had thought to be true about Grace and her daughter. On getting to the hospital ,I saw Grace smiling at her phone while twisting it.

She was totally unaware of my presence.

“Grace!” I called and on peeking into my face , her face turned sour.

She stood immediately and walked to me in anger.
“Since I called you….Is this the time you are suppose to be coming?” She checked her wrist watch and said ; “this is an hour past already. ”

“I’m sorry but how is she now?” I asked.

“Still seriously sick.” She replied almost crying.

“Mom, you can’t believe I ate it all.” I heard the voice of her daughter and just then ,her daughter came into light running towards Grace.

I stood watching her and confused at the same time. Thought Grace said this girl is seriously sick.

I was wondering ,if the girl is really sick , why would she be smiling for whatever she may be watching on her phone as a mother that she claims to be.

As soon as her daughter saw me ,the girl slumped to the floor and Grace stopped her from falling.

“Why will the doctor discharge you without my consent! ” She lamented. “what kind of a useless hospital is this?” She yelled and some nurses rallied around her while I just kept watching the drama.

They carried the daughter from her and straight to the wards to get her treated while she kept cursing then angrily.

The last thing they will ever do in this hospital is to discharge a patience recklessly plus the girl’s words sounds like that they had had a prior conversation.

I’m beginning to get confused with Grace. But why did the child slump? Is it that she had told the child to sump on seeing me or …?

But she has little or no hope that I will come since an hour had passed already.

I exhaled while standing still.

“I don’t just like them here.” Grace said while approaching me. “Just imagine discharging my child without my consent ….now they are telling me that she stood from the bed herself cause she thinks she’s fine. Who’s fault is that? Isn’t a nurse suppose to keep an eye on her?”

I nodded slowly.

“Tucker ,why are you treating Joy this way. This girl almost died and you take whatever you are doing more of a priority than your own daughter. ” she said.

“My daughter indeed.” I thought. I just can’t wait for Sam Don to confirm if the girl is my daughter or not.

“Won’t you say any word?” She asked.

“I’m sorry for arriving late, how is she doing now?” I asked.

“You can go there and see for yourself.” She said and I exhaled.

I walked to the ward while she walked behind me.

On getting there , I saw a lot of medical gadgets on the girl and my mouth dropped.

“Just because she slumped ,why all this gadgets on her….did she had an accident?” I asked two of the nurses standing there.

“It’s serious sir ” one of them replied me and they both walked away.

“Did you hear that? It’s that serious. ” She said.

“Okay!” I said and also sat at a chair beside that of Grace.

“Let’s leave and allow the Doctor do their work.” She said and we both walked out.

Seems what Don said is true…I think she only staged all this. What I can’t explain is the nurses testifying on her behalf.

Sighs. The truth will be unveiled very soon, I believe.

He And Her V. Episode 123
He And Her V. Episode 121

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