August 6, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 51

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 51

^ Rachael ^

(The Beautiful Me.)

I looked away and refused to look into her face again.

I suddenly heard her cough briefly.

“I came here because I was invited by your twin brother. ” She said and I finally sighed.

“I loathe you so much…Make sure you did not speak to me in this house.” The boss said to my sister acting as the ugly me and came to me.

He requested that we stroll outside the house and I obliged.

On getting outside ,he paused and turned to look at me.

“You said you never knew that secretary of mine?”He asked.

“No! Never seen her before.” I said.

“But she whispered to you …though I couldn’t grasp what she whispered to you but it seems you guys know each other somewhere.” He said.

“I think I should start going home now. ” I said and stood akimbo while forming a frowned face.

“Home! You are my nurse here ,why would you go home?” He asked.

“You stopped trusting me . I told you I didn’t know her and you telling me she’s whispering to me.” I said while forming anger.

“I’m sorry about that…I’m really confused” He said.

“Can we talk about other things?” I asked and he nodded.


I lay on the bed in the room while playing with my big teddy bear that lay beside me.

My sister’s call came through at the moment and I picked it after I allowed it ring twice.

“Hello sister?” I spoke first.

“I’m getting tired of this ! When will I go back home. I’m only good at disguising pictorially but when it comes to acting like you exactly ,common! I suck. ” My sister said.

“No wonder you almost got us casted few hours ago.” I said.

“What do I do now?” She asked.

“I think you can leave tomorrow just tell the twin’s brother that you are not feeling too well and you need to treat yourself at the hospital.”

“What if he insists that he wants to follow me home? Or perhaps insist that he’s taking me to the hospital!” She asked.

“Tell him you need some private space and you have a special treatment to administers to yourself ”


“Wait sister! I need you to do something before leaving?”

“Tell me.”

“I really wanted to know if the boss loves the ugly me or the beautiful me , many times he had always say he loathes the ugly me so much but he still always want him around. That is kind of illogical and confusing. ”

“Okay…what exactly did you want me to do?”

“I need you to visit him this night ,I’ll spy and cover for you , you do not have to worry about being caught. Just try to stay around with him ,play with him and stuffs,I want to see if he will allow you stay around or chase you away. ” I said.

“Noted. I’ll do that around 11PM “My sister assured and hung up.

The boss might just be yelling angrily at the ugly me just cause of the presence of the beautiful me.

Now , I should confirm whom he had feelings for with this plot.

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