July 26, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 34 And 35

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 34
Sofia’s POV
I went inside the house and Scot was still there. It seems they are getting along well with Lily because she was laughing. I walked to Glenn’s room and she was already sleeping. She is an introvert and some people think she is proud. She is the sweetest girl I have met. I went to my room and got a call from Harry. I picked it immediately.
????I’m at your house. You forgot something.
????Okay am coming.
I hanged up and ran out.
He was leaning on his car with a cap looking down.
‘Let’s go in,’ I suggested.
‘Not today, I came with my car and people may see,’
‘Where is Scot’s car?’
‘I took it to his house already,’
‘Okay, what did I forget?’
He opened the door and handed me a drawing board facing downwards. I changed it and it was my picture. The security lights were on so I saw the beautiful picture.
‘You did it?’ I asked and he nodded.
‘Who are you?’
‘Strange Harry?’ I asked I he chuckled.
‘I need to before someone recognizes me,’ he said and I sighed.
‘Will you tell me who you are?’ I asked calmly.
I just need to know who I fell in love with.
‘Not here but I promise to tell you one day,’
I nodded.
He kissed my cheeks and entered the car. I watched until he was out of sight.
I took the picture to my room, placed it beside my bed and started admiring it. I was admiring and didn’t realize someone had joined me inside the room.

Sofia’s POV
‘Who did that? Can he or she do mine?’ Lily’s voice came from behind me and I was startled at first.
‘Harry drew it?’ I said smiling.
‘Does he know how to draw?’ she asked.
I wanted to tell her the truth but I promised to keep his secret. If Lily knows he can draw then she may join the dots that he is not who she think he is.
‘He said a friend did it for him,’ I said ruefully.
‘Have you met that friend?’
‘Not yet,’
‘If you meet him please let me know, I need mine,’ she said and left.
I locked the door before picking my diary.
Dear diary, I love Harry but am afraid I don’t know him yet.
I wrote inside and placed it back in my drawer.
I went to check on Glenn and put off the lights before going back to bed.
I need to do something special for him, using my talent now won’t hurt. I picked my pen to write a poem dedicated to him.
I folded the paper and put it in my bag. I will call him tomorrow and give him. I checked my phone but no text from him. I felt sad and went to bed.
Harry’s POV
I had a long day and am tired. I wrote a letter for Nadia, I don’t need her in my school. I wrote a letter to the principal and went to bed.
I woke up early the next morning and called my dad. I need a new principal and he needs to bring one. After preparing I took my phone and remembered I didn’t check on my Sofia. I called and she picked after trying two times.
????So you have remembered I exist?
She said sounding angry.
????What have I done?
I asked.
????You didn’t text nor call what if something bad happened to me?
????Nothing will happen. I’m sorry I didn’t text I got engaged.
????Do you have someone else?
????Are you jealous?
She didn’t reply but hanged up.
This girl is crazy, I told her I loved her and she didn’t answer and now she is angry I didn’t call. I will meet her in school today then will see what I can do.
Sofia’s POV
So he has a girlfriend that he is engaged to and here I am loving him. I wish I knew. I left the house without having breakfast because I lost my appetite. We left for school and I remained silent.
‘Are you okay?’ Lily asked and I nodded.
I ran to class and the teacher was already in. I wasn’t even attentive in class and after the first two lessons someone called for me.

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