July 23, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 36 And 37

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 36
Harry’s POV
I took the letters to the principal and gave him forty eight hours to vacate. I told him to send for Sofia I make things right before I go. I waited in the chamber until she came. She stopped at the door and frowned when she saw me. I walked to her and locked the door first.
‘What have I done?’ I asked and she stared at me with teary eyes.
I tried to hug her but I ended up getting hit.
‘You lied to me,’ she yelled hitting me.
‘How?’ I asked after she calmed down.
‘Who were you engaged to?’ she asked sniffing.
‘No-one I was just busy with some stuff. Are you jealous?’ I asked with a chuckle.
Sofia’s POV
He chuckled and the started laughing and I looked like a fool. Was I really jealous?
I don’t think so.
‘I’m sorry for my reaction,’ I said facing down.
‘It was out of jealousy?’ he asked and I felt ashamed.
I just faced down.
‘Next time you ask first, dong just hit me. It hurts,’ he complained and I felt for him. I don’t even know why I hit him.
‘I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me,’ I said rubbing his chest.
‘What are you doing here?’ I asked changing the topic.
‘I came to sort something with the principal,’ he said calmly.
‘What happened yesterday?’ I asked and he nodded.
‘What if he suspends us from school? My mom would be disappointed,’ I said sadly.
‘You ain’t going anywhere, Nadia is the one leaving,’ he said assuredly.
‘Her dad owns the school he can’t allow her leave,’
‘He is just the principal and am the owner so I decide,’ he said simply.
‘Don’t yell someone can hear you,’ he said covering my mouth.
‘Who are you?’ I asked when he released me.
‘I’m an architect and the owner of this school actually my dad gave it to me,’ he said taking a seat.
‘Come and sit here,’ he said patting his laps.
‘What! I need to be in class,’
‘I own the school and since you are so jealous you graduated to being my girlfriend. You won’t want me to continue being angry with you?’

Episode 37
Harry’s POV
She walked slowly towards me and stood.
‘I don’t eat people and even if I do I can’t eat you,’ I said and pulled her.
I can’t just bare all that hitting like I did a mistake.
‘Okay, I have sat. Can I go back to class?’ she asked after a while.
‘I will decide when you go, just how you decided when to hit me,’ I said and shrugged.
‘I said sorry. What can I do for you to forgive me?’
Sofia’s POV
I asked and he faked thinking.
‘Let’s say, kiss,’ he said simply.
‘Is it a crime? If you want to go to class anytime sooner then you do as I say,’
‘You are spoilt,’ I said and closed my eyes.
I just want to go to class, if my mom finds out am not in class then am dead.
‘Don’t close your eyes, am not scary,’
‘You close then,’
‘I don’t want you to see me,’ I said and he laughed.
‘Just close then,’ he said.
‘Done,’ I shouted in victory.
‘I’ll just forgive you this once but that was a peck,’ he said and I rolled my eyes.
I wanted to stand and walk out when I heard the bell.
Nadia’s POV
I walked towards the cafeteria when a student told me I was called by my dad. I walked into his office and his expression was unexplainable.
‘Dad,’ I called and he threw two envelopes in front of me.
I opened the first one and it was my suspension letter. Actually am never supposed to step foot in the compound.
‘Dad, who wrote this? You are the owner I can’t be suspended,’ I said and he looked at the second letter.
I picked it up and opened and the letter was firing my dad.
‘What is the meaning of this?’
‘This was never my school. I acted as the owner because the real owner doesn’t want to be known and you spoiled everything. I tool you in as my daughter Nadia even though you are not. I defended you and lost my real family because of you greediness and obsession. Now am losing everything I have worked for for years because you want to always dictate. I don’t want to ever see you even in my house,’ he said and stood with his briefcase.
‘Dad am sorry. It won’t happen again,’ I pleaded.
‘That has been the same lie that I have lived with. I defended you because I thought you will change but hell no. I wish your sorry could return my job,’ he said and left me there.
I sat on the floor and let the tears floor. I wish I never did it but I can’t turn back time.

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