August 2, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 48

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munay berry

Episode 48


“Damn You sawyer ”

How could you be so cruel huh?

Why did you choose someone who hated you,

Who treats you like trash over me sawyer I yelled angrily.

I made you feel loved, I treated you like a queen made sure you happy, isn’t that enough prove for you to know I love you huh.

You can never be happy as long as I live.

I most make you mine or else no one will have you.

Even if it means getting rid of that foolish Miguel.

Miguel POV

Life with sawyer had be fun, she never failed to make me laugh at any given opportunity

My love for her kept increasing tho.

She made me reconcile with my mum even though haven’t forgiven her fully.

Mum said she had twins for her husband before he left her taking her twins along

I hope to find them soon.

Was still thinking of a better way to surprise sawyer on her 18th birthday when ruby walked up to me with a smile

I wonder why she is smiling.

“What do you want ruby” I said in between clenched teeth

“Calm down Miguel, I mean no harm just wants to be friends again  am sorry for the way I acted the other day” she said smiling sheepishly

Something isn’t right
I just feel something is up

But let me just act cool for now.

“Its okay ruby I don’t hold grudges ” I said with a snuggled shoulder

“Thank You so much “she tried to hug me but I wanted hugging her back

When she did the unexpected  by kissing me unexpectedly.

I tried pushing her off but it was too late as sawyer walked in on us.

I succeeded in pushing her off,

“What’s going on here”

My eyes were blood shot

“What’s your problem ruby” I yelled at her making her flinch in fear

“Swayer is not what you.. ” I tried to say before she cut me short signalling with her hand.

“Its okay miguel  you don’t need to explain anything to me cause I know exactly what’s going on here” sawyer said walking towards us.

I wonder what’s going on in her mind right now

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