July 26, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 49

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munay berry

Episode 49

Sawyer’s POV

Ruby thinks she is smart but am gonna deal with her today.

I walked towards them like someone who is angry

I stopped in front of ruby and landed a hot slap on her right chick.

“How dare try to kiss my boyfriend bitch” I spat.

I could see the look of surprise on Miguel’s face

“What the hell ” she yelled holding her chick

“Stay away from Miguel is that too much to ask ” I said boldly

She just stood there with venom running through her veins.

She would strangle me if she had the opportunity.

“You pay for this sawyer ” she said angrily before walking away.

“Wow woow bravo, I never knew Ice queen was my girlfriend ” Miguel teased

I feigned annoyance
“Why did you let her kiss you huh ”

“Swears babe I didn’t know she had evil motives when she tried to hug I thought she had changed for real” he answered.

“Hmmm let’s go to the school cafeteria am staving I said still feigning annoyance

“Baby please now am so so sorry please believe, you ma only kitten I love you alone please don’t give cold shoulders ” he whined  holding his ears like a baby

I couldnt help but laugh tho he looked cute.

“Durr am not angry am just teasing your little ass” I winked before running towards the cafeteria.

“Come back here you little girl ” he yelled after me.

I stuck out my tongue at him still running around

He eventually caught me we both fell on the beautiful grass at the school garden.

We laid down staring at each other.

He pick a flower and gave it to me,

“Its pretty” I said

“Not as pretty as you” he tucked a strand of hair

I was blushing seriously.

“Let’s get going before the cafeteria gets occupied ” I said changing the topic.

I know he would wanna kiss me next

Ruby POV

I watched the both of them from far playing their stupid love around the whole school

They think they have seen the last of me but nope am just getting started.

“Sawyer dare lay your stupid hand on me huh”

“Enjoy while it last, your doom is near” I grinned wickedly

Miguel POV

We walked into the school cafeteria giggling.

Everyone were looking at us,

I know they are shocked about me and sawyer holding hands but I don’t care.

He collected our food and choose a random table and chair to sit.

” miguel I want your French fries please ” sawyer pouted but ain’t falling for it.

“Not gonna happen babe” I smirked

” really okay then enjoy your meal” she said sarcastically

If I could realize what was next action

She poured her mashed potatoes on me.

Everybody in the cafeteria gasps

Argh she is so dead today,

” you wanna play dirty right?  Bring it on ” I said
I took my chicken soup and splag it on her face


” game on” he picked up someone else food and pour it on my neatly gel hair.

No way
I also took some mashed potatoes and pour on her clothes.

“Food fight!!! ” some one  shouted in no time the cafeteria was upside down

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