July 28, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 52

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful

Episode 52


(The beautiful me.)


I walked to the boss’s room and saw my sister standing at the entrance.

“Can I enter?” She whispered and I replied her with a nod of my head.

She entered and I walked towards the entrance of the boss’s room and peeped.

My sister who was acting as the ugly me entered and tapped the boss on his leg cause he was in deep sleep.

The boss opened his eye and was stunned to see the ‘ugly me’

“Hi!” My sister greeted and he adjusted to a sitting position while groaning slightly cause of the pain in his injured leg.

“Sorry about your leg.” My sister said and he nodded.

“What did you…” He paused and looked intently into my sister. “what did you want?”

“I just came to check up on you?” My sister said.

He coughed briefly and said; “Check up on me? Well ,thanks.” He said.

“Is this how I will remain standing? ” My sister asked and he hesitated for a while before he coughed briefly again.

“Have your sit’. He gestured for my sister.

Can’t believe this is the same boss that use to behave like he will kill the ugly me soon. Always doing like he never wanted to see the ‘ugly me’.

“I hope you are getting better?” My sister asked.

“Sure.” He replied and kept looking at my sister.

My sister came to look at the door like she’s expecting me to show up. I know she’s stuck in speech but I still expect her to keep the conversation going.

“Erm…I’ve being meaning to ask…did you really like that girlfriend of yours ?” She asked

“You mean Emma? ” The boss replied calmly.

Wait! I seem not to understand the boss anymore. Is this the boss for real, conversing calmly with the ugly me.

“Well ,I do like her ,of course. That’s why she’s my girlfriend. Why asking?”

“Nothing really, I thought you liked me too.” My sister said and he smirked.

“No no! I will never like you.” He said.

“But you like to see me around you always ,why?”

“Well…” He took few seconds before he spoke again. “Erm… I can’t explain too. But I fell happier seeing you around.” He lowered his head on saying that.

I got what I want already ,I barge in all of a sudden.

“What! What is happening here ?” The beautiful me asked and his mouth shook in fear.

“Actually” He tried to explain then suddenly faced my sister… “Hey you! What did you want?” He asked my sister sternly.

“Excuse me ! “My sister asked.

“Stop pretending.” I said and he came to look at my face.

“Didn’t I hear you tell you tell her that her presence makes you happier?” I asked and his face dropped.

“Oh! That…” He began to struggle for what to say.

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