July 31, 2021

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That Should Be Me. Episode 38 And 39

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 38
Nadia’s POV
I never knew I was joking with a wrong person. I don’t have anywhere to go and I don’t know my real parents. I wiped my tears and went to class to pick my belongings. There were only few students as most of them had gone for lunch and I sighed with relief. I took my bag and left the school. I was hungry and tired after walking for a while with no destination. I didn’t get my car at the park and the man there said my dad sent someone to take it home. I entered a hotel to get something to eat and also lodge a room. I handed my card to the waiter but it wasn’t working anymore.
‘I’m sorry miss but it isn’t working. You can pay with cash,’ she said and I felt my world falling apart.
‘I don’t have any money,’ I said calmly.
‘But miss you have to pay because you have eaten,’
‘Please am sorry, just forgive me,’ I said pleadingly.
‘Eva, what’s happening there?’ someone asked from behind.
I looked at her and she looks familiar. She is almost my age but I can’t tell where we met. She was dressed in a knee-length body hug blue dressed and her hair rested on her shoulder. She looked beautiful.
‘Nadia, long time no see. Haven’t you stopped causing trouble?’ she asked and I remembered her.
‘Ma’am she doesn’t want to pay,’ the waitress said and I knew I was doomed.
‘Has she eaten?’ Diana asked.
‘Yes ma’am,’ she replied with a bow.
‘I’ll take it from here. You may go,’ she released the waitress and faced me.
‘So after all those years, you haven’t changed? You surprise me,’ she said with a chuckle.

Episode 39
Diana’s POV
Isn’t this great meeting the person who destroyed our family because of her lies. I don’t know what to do to her but I can’t let her go free. Not after the tears my mom cried. She lied to my dad that she caught my mom cheating and gave a fake proof. My dad chased us away and we letter found out it was photo shop. I called the cops to take her away.
‘She has eating in this hotel and refused to pay. Nobody should bail her out,’ I instructed the police.
She kept pleading but I won’t let her free.
I need to inform mum. I hurried to her office and she was on phone. I looked at her and smiled. She is the strongest person I have met and my hero.
After my dad chased us, she took me to her mom, my grandma and came back to look for a job to feed me. After two years my grandma died and I came back to stay with her. Life wasn’t easy as she earned little money and I was always in and out of hospital. She got fired due to her frequent absence and she started cooking and selling in front of our house. She later started a coffee shop and it has expanded to the second largest hotel in town.
‘You are back early,’ she said snapping me from my thoughts.
‘The meeting didn’t take long,’
‘How was it?’
‘A success, he accepted to invest in our business,’
‘That’s my princess,’
‘Nadia was here,’ I said and her smile changed to a frown.
‘What does she want?’
‘She ate and couldn’t pay but I already dealt with her. The police took her away,’
‘Let her stay there for a while then we release her,’
‘She should rot there,’
‘Princess in this life, you don’t repay evil with evil,’ she said and I could see sense in her words.
‘Okay mum,’
‘You have a cousin but I don’t know where she is. I need to find her and know how she is,’
‘I don’t understand,’
‘I had a sister but due to some reasons we didn’t grow up together. She was killed but her daughter survived and her wealth is in her name but am supposed to be the custodian. I was called by my sister’s lawyer. The problem is, the family he gave the girl to relocated,’
‘What are you planning to do?’
‘I have hired a private investigator to search for her. I can’t let my blood be out there,’
I felt happy that I have a cousin. She must be beautiful just like me.

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